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What To Know About Your Next Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot

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Your Card: Ace of Cups

Aries, your next relationship is going to be a beautiful new beginning. The person who you will fall for will provide you a sense of fulfillment that you never even imagined was possible. There will be a profound intimacy between you two, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. You will be able to be truly vulnerable with this person, showing them parts of you that you never felt safe showing to anyone else. The both of you will make each other feel seen and understood. Your love will usher in a creative, emotional, and spiritual awakening. When you settle in with them, you’ll get to know true love.

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Your Card: Three of Wands

Your next relationship will have lasting potential, Taurus. The two of you are going to build a strong, unshakeable foundation. This long-term commitment may just be your future. There’s a high probability that this person will be “the one”—that’s certainly who they will believe that you are in their life. They won’t be interested in fun or playing games, they’re going to want things between you two to be serious. You’re going to conquer so much together. The Three of Wands is strongly advising you to open your heart, trust, be vulnerable, and imagine the possibilities with this lover. They will give you the stability and comfort you’ve always desired in love.

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Your Card: Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups is here to warn you, not necessarily about your next relationship itself, but the way in which you enter it. You need to be careful about getting involved with someone else before working out past emotional wounds and letting go with baggage you’ve been carrying around. Your trust and abandonment issues may become a problem between you and this future lover. There’s also the possibility that you may be committing to the wrong relationship, possibly because you have failed to process old heartbreak and feelings. Don’t go for the same type of partner, Gemini. Break old patterns and cycles. Be careful that you’re not looking for love in the wrong places.

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Your Card: Queen of Swords

Your next partner is going to be honest, caring, intelligent, and loyal. They may not be into grand displays of affection, but you will always be certain of where you stand with them because they’ll always be forthcoming and transparent. Yet, still, deep down, they’re going to be an extremely sensitive person who will always honor your emotional needs, desires, and boundaries. They’ll always make you feel loved. It may take them a while to let their guard down, but once they do, they’ll never stop letting you in. You can trust this person with your heart. They’re going to be your safe, Cancer. This lover is going to feel like home to you.

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Your Card: Page of Cups

Your future partner is going to fill your world with colors you had long forgotten and bring out your inner child. They’re going to inspire your curiosity, awe, and wonder in the world. Your lover is going to encourage you to freely self-express yourself—to never be ashamed. This person is going to open your eyes to what hopeful, new love feels like—and all of its beautiful potential. They’re going to be infatuated with you, but be careful, because fire doesn’t burn forever. Be sure that you two build a strong foundation and that your values and desires truly align. Long-term commitment isn’t guaranteed to this person, but it’s possible if you work at it. Even if they don’t end up being your forever love, they’re going to teach you so much.

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Your Card: King of Pentacles, reversed

Be wary of your next potential relationship, Virgo. The reversal of the King of Pentacles is a warning that this person could be controlling, manipulative, unreliable, and unsupportive. This could be someone who may lovebomb you at the beginning, making you believe that they’re someone that they’re not. The mask may come off once it’s too late—once you’ve become emotionally attached. Once the newness wears off, it will strictly be their way or the highway. Be careful of who you become involved with, and don’t take things further until you’re certain of their character and that they don’t have ulterior motives.

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Your Card: The Fool

The next person you open up to will bring a sense of newness into your life and open up to a world of adventure and spontaneity. When you’re around them, you’ll feel joyful, relaxed, and carefree. This person may be completely opposite than your “usual” type, but it will be a good thing. They’re going to completely head over heels over you, with a burning curiosity for everything about you. It’s not guaranteed that they’ll be for the long-term, but don’t close yourself off to the possibility. Embrace the unknown and take a leap of faith. Allow yourself to approach the relationship with hope and optimism.

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Your Card: Three of Cups

Your next partner is going to become your best friend (or it’s possible that a good friend will turn into a lover). You are going to feel in complete alignment with this person—your values, hopes, desires. The passion you share will be that which you’ve always yearned for with a lover. Most importantly, there will be open and caring communication between you two. You’ll never feel the need for reassurance and you’ll always be confident in where you stand. The next relationship you have might possibly be your forever love. The two of you have the potential to build something real, strong, and lasting.

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Your Card: Two of Cups, reversed

The reversal of the Two of Cups indicates that there may be an unbalanced power dynamic in your next relationship, or that it may be a codependent one. This person may not be emotionally, mentally, or financially prepared to enter a serious commitment—or you may not be. Be careful of who you become emotionally attached to, and don’t be too haste about entering a relationship before you yourself are already. It may be you or them that’s still trying to figure things out or heal from past trauma. Tread lightly, Sag.

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Your Card: Four of Wands, reversed

The reversal of the Four of Wands is a bad omen as far as love and relationships are concerned. It indicates instability, incompatibility, disharmony, hesitance, and conflict. Your values, goals, and desires may not align. There may be love and passion between you, but it won’t be enough to make the relationship successful. Never say never, though. At best, your differences can be addressed and compromised. There is a possibility that things would work if you address your incompatibilities early on in the relationship. At worst, however, you’ll always live with the doubt that you committed to the wrong person. Take things slow, Capricorn.

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Your Card: King of Swords

Your next relationship will be with someone with integrity, principles, and good morals. They’ll always speak with honesty. This person will be loyal, devoted, and dedicated to what you share. You both will share a clear vision of the future, and you won’t ever have doubts of where you stand. This person is someone ambitious, reliable, and supportive who you will be certain that you can always count on. You’ll connect with them on a physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual level. Things will never be boring with this person—they will challenge you, inspire you, and mentally stimulate you. There’s real potential with them, Aquarius.

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Your Card: Queen of Cups

Rejoice, Pisces. Your next partner will be someone caring and supportive who will truly care for you. There will be no lacking in your relationship—it will emotionally and spiritually fulfill you. You will always feel safe with this person. They’re someone nurturing, compassionate, and honest who will always reassure you of their love for you. You’ll have a profound connection that transcends everything. With them you’ll have the affection, love, and passion that you always daydreamed about. Don’t lose hope, Pisces. Good ones still exist. Real love is coming your way.

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