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What Spiritual Secrets Does Your Zodiac’s Tarot Card Reveal About You?

Every zodiac on the chart directly corresponds to a specific tarot card, revealing to us hidden secrets that lie amongst a sacred pool of astrological mythology and legend. These tarot cards offer deeper insight to help us better understand the intricacies of our sun sign and how we ascend through the cosmos.


Your Card: The Emperor IV

Like the Emperor Card, you carry a masculine energy that plays out in many complex ways. You are both patient and rational, though at times persistent and stubborn. You can be gentle and forgiving yet judgmental and spiteful. Polarity exists within you and as a result, you learn to harness the strengths in your weaknesses just as The Emperor. You’re constantly structuring and restructuring your life based on what you think is best for productivity. However, sometimes you get caught up in the practical applications of your order and find yourself tearing everything time and time again. It’s easier for you to work with a blank slate and start from scratch.

At times it becomes obsessive and controlling, Aries. Like The Emperor, it may be difficult to admit that you don’t fully understand yourself and what works best for you. There is an inherent imbalance you see playing out in your lifetime and time again. You’re either friendly or withdrawn. Stressed or relaxed. Hot or cold. And you always wear your heart on your sleeve despite trying to suppress it. The gray area doesn’t exist in your world but it doesn’t have to always be like this.

You were meant to work collaboratively, not independently. This understanding might be your greatest challenge to overcome in life. The ruling planet Mars represents the Greek God of War. In mythology, Mars and Venus, the goddess of love, were lovers. Like the masculine Mars sought balance in the feminine Venus, The Emperor too must find balance in the feminine energies of life to stabilize the polarities that exist within. Feminine energy balances the brashness of your masculine way. It provides creative solutions and compassionate conflict resolution.


Your Card: The Hierophant III

At heart, you are a poet and a prophet. Protector of innocence. You are someone who reminds all who are lost that they are only human and it’s okay to forgive yourself. People never forget the things you say to them. Certain quotes said to them by you replay in their head every day. No matter how much time passes, your lessons are universal. Your presence is felt before you enter the room. While others seek to find order in chaos, with Venus as your ruling planet, you seek to find beauty in chaos. With The Hierophant as your sign’s tarot card, there is a calmness and quiet confidence to your presence that is humble yet stern.

You may or may not know this but your place in the universe is to serve as the voice of the collective. You articulate what is felt but not seen. There is something about how you express your views with confidence. It’s as if you were destined for fusing poetics with level-headed passion. Like Venus, there is always intention in your voice. As if each word you spoke were carrying the burden of lost souls. Each line is as divine and translucent, as your tarot card depicts. The Hierophant is the card of tradition, convection, and time-honored values. Like a priest guiding us towards salvation. You speak like a sermon. You preach teachings, passed along from generation to generation, invoking spiritual transcendence. Your voice is a shout from the past. You teach people to appreciate the wisdom that comes from experience and that sometimes it’s best to learn from what is known. It makes sense why Taurus rules the throat. Use your voice, the universe needs it.


Your Card: The Lovers

I think many might agree that Geminis can be a difficult zodiac to narrow down. I’ve come to learn that no two Gemini’s are the same. Sometimes you might feel like you know yourself, and seek identity in your twin flame connections yet still feel as if there is a part of you that others will never understand. But I see this is your greatest gift!

Your sign corresponds to The Lovers tarot card which represents union and the duality of nature. Masculinity and femininity. Good and evil. Light and Dark. Everything that we can conceive exists on a spectrum. Love cannot exist without hate and we would never know love without hate. Everything that we can conceive exists on a spectrum. There is no yes or no. Only yes and no. Sometimes, we hate the people we love and for better or for worse, the intensity of that hate can match the intensity of that love. We tend to believe that we can only be one thing or the other. We can either be prudish or promiscuous. We are either good or bad. We are either selfless or selfish. But the fact of the matter is that absolutes don’t exist within the human condition. This comparison can be drawn to your sign. The Twins and The Lovers represent the duality that exists within you. You are loving yet spiteful. Trusting yet guarded. Honest yet mysterious. Self-aware yet completely oblivious. But this is what makes your sign so special! Because your place on the spectrum of human existence is so varied and broad, you can choose who you want to be each day. You can let go of all your regrets because the person you choose to be right now does not have to be the person you were yesterday.

So many people never change or grow in life because they are chained to this idea that once we have been assigned our identities (artist, scientist, mother, teacher, etc.) this is who we must be for the rest of our lives. To deviate from the familiarity of our identities would be absurd. You can’t just choose to be a different person from the one you were before. But Gemini you know this is not true. That is why it is so hard for other people to figure you out. You are everything you want to be and you shed the parts of yourself that no longer serve you. Some days you wake up the artist, some the philosopher, others the adventurer. You understand best the choice that we get to make every time we wake up. You are a sign that is free from the shackles of linear thinking.


Your Card: The Chariot

You are like The Chariot, an explorer of life. Carrying with you mementos of experience and pieces of time frozen in place. You carry trinkets of love and items of fondness that you’ve collected along your journey. You forgive those who have hurt you but never forget it. And you savor love even if you know you’re destined to lose it. You are a sentimental sign and have a hard time letting go of past experiences.

When you look at photos from the past, and you gaze upon the smiling faces, you can almost hear the subtle giggles you were trying to hold back when you took the photo. You can feel the energy as if the photo itself is a living, breathing piece of the past. Many people are drawn to you because there is something about your presence that brings the past back to life. There is an innocence you display that is like childhood memories. In Tarot, The Chariot represents taking control of the directions we choose in life and facing danger for the sake of those we love the most. It’s no surprise that you would be willing to sacrifice your comforts for your family and friends.

But once you set out, and meet new characters, you become people’s home away from home. You always carry a piece of where you belong no matter where you go. It is a reminder that, though there’s so much to be found in the world, you have everything you’ve ever needed or wanted waiting back at home for you.


Your Card: Strength

Just like your ruling planet the sun, your universe is centered. All the people who orbit your life do so in conjunction with this cosmic dance you’ve unconsciously choreographed and the celestial songs your energy sways to. Like the sun, you have such a gravitational pull on the people around you, that they almost seem to mirror a particular trait that you hold. Your energy gives them energy and vice versa. Such as the ways of the universe. Only you would be capable of composing such celestial symphonies. You are not just the sun, but you also show people

Your assigned tarot card is Strength, Leo and it is no coincidence that the artwork on the card displays a lion tamer. You are the gentle lion tamer. Like the woman in the card, you feel a certain sense of pride in conquering what others fear. Like the sun, you possess an energy that emboldens the people around you. Others tend to act more like you when you’re at your peak because they want to know what it feels like to be in control of their perception of life. You dance like nobody’s watching, knowing all eyes are still on you.


Your Card: The Hermit

You walk confidently through the night, guided by your inner monologue. Allowing yourself to follow this train of thought until it leads you to the answer you’ve been searching for. Never look outward but rather inward because that is where you find the answers you seek. No one will ever understand your problems better than you. At times people may doubt your solutions, but it is only because they have not taken the time to ponder as extensively and thoroughly as you.

The Latin word “Virgo” roughly means “self-possessed”. No, it does not mean that all Virgo’s are literally virgins but there lies deeper secrets in this. The Virgo glyph almost resembles a conjoined “V” and “M” as if indicative of The Virgin Mary’s initials. With that said, what this reveals is the true nature of your sign. You serve yourself first and if you wish to give to others, it will be on your own accord. Others might see this as selfish, but you know it’s a means of self-preservation so that you can rise to the occasion when it calls. At times you have found yourself giving without receiving and so to correct this, you recharge in solitude. You say “no” when it is warranted and only “yes” when it is right. In a way, you are searching for lost youth during your periods of isolation. Mercury, your ruling planet, corresponds to The Magician. A younger, more charitable version of The Hermit, in a sense. But after years of giving without receiving, The Magician has aged into The Hermit and has learned that solitude is better than being surrounded by people who only take. But as you feel yourself moving away from who you used to be for the sake of inner peace, you sometimes wonder if this is what your inner child wanted out of life. You tend to hold yourself and others to incredibly high standards but this tendency is a reflection of the person you set out to become when you were a kid. As The Hermit looks within, you Virgo are looking within yourself to reconnect with lost innocence and find a way to ignite it again. For now, you walk this journey through life independently and whoever wishes to join is more than welcome.


Your Card: Justice

In times of stress or doubt, you speak to the universe and the universe speaks back. When you search for guidance in times of great conflict and indecision you act like Venus, Goddess of Love (and your ruling planet). You find beauty in the ruins of chaos and create order.

Libra, your sign corresponds to the tarot card Justice. Your glyph closely resembles the scales of justice which makes sense considering that you are the sign of cosmic order. Many often attribute the characteristics of Libra to Venus, however, what Venus and Justice have in common is the search for objectivity. You appreciate beauty, not just for what it represents aesthetically or visually or for the attention beauty might garner you, but rather for the beauty of balance. Balance in your home, career, relationships, body, and mind. As indicated by your corresponding card, beauty is not just about symmetry in looks or art, but rather symmetry in fairness. You treat people equally and judge them fairly however you remain forgiving and understanding. If there is no balance within your mind, then there is no balance within your actions. You understand that when making decisions, it is important to weigh logic and emotions with care.


Your Card: Death

Normal people try to ignore the fact that we’re all going to die one day… Normal people. Not you Scorpio… You’re weird. The best kind of weird. My kind of weird. The kind of weird that square dances the “Macabray” alongside Death and all his friends. Why? Because we’re all eventually gonna die anyway, right? So who cares what people think?

Death is often a misunderstood card in the tarot deck, but I think you’ll get it because you love that weird shit. Your presence is like a memento mori, a reminder that death looms and we must take advantage of every second in the meantime. You find comfort in melancholy. You embrace the meaning of life through the acceptance of death.

There is a saying in French, “la petite mort” which translates to “little death”. Little death refers to the climax we reach during sex because it alters our state of consciousness and transcends us above our physical bodies. There is liberation through sex and death, as they both closely relate to the idea of rebirth and the conversion of energies. You represent the deity of darkness that looms as we sleep. You find eroticism in existentialism. You whisper poetry to the shadows as a lover would. With the death card, you carry with you this understanding that people don’t simply die once. The known cycle of life is as follows; we’re born, we live, and we die. The end. But you understand better than most signs that in life we have the privilege to live, die, and transform again. So, why not dance?

“Rich man, poor man, come away. Come to dance the Macabray” (Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book)


Your Card: Temperance

I feel many might assume that your assigned Tarot card would be The Fool. Considering your thirst for adventure and the willingness to follow the path less traveled in pursuit of life’s greatest pleasures and lessons. However, despite your more stereotypical Sagittarius qualities, you were assigned Temperance which I feel makes more sense. You are not just a rolling stone who blows with the wind. Temperance is indicative that you seek more than fleeting moments, rather you seek peace and balance through your organized chaos.

Temperance references the magical science of alchemy which is a process of creation through the transformation of matter. Many believe that alchemy is a lost art but that is not the case. There is no limit to the number of combinations and permutations of energy. You find balance and order like the alchemist does. Earth is your canvas. Water is your paint. Air is your muse. Fire is your pain. You combine these elements and life becomes your art. You live through this process of combining the love of life, with the hardships you’ve faced, and the lessons you’ve learned, to transform yourself again and again. You are the artist and the art.

Temperance is a reminder that no matter how hard life gets, we must transform our emotions and existential obsessions into inner peace and tranquility. You are a romantic. Embrace madness but never let it consume you.


Your Card: The Devil

If anybody could make a deal with the Devil and win, it’s you Capricorn. I bet you felt a twinge of satisfaction at being assigned The Devil card. You love how deliciously devious you are. It’s fun to be the bad guy sometimes. You get what you want without ever having to outright ask for it. The Devil is not entirely negative but rather serves as a warning. You are the most driven and determined sign on the chart. What you crave is power but without necessarily needing to lead the pack. Your means of coercion are not overt but rather you prefer to work behind the scenes. Like a puppeteer pulling the strings but never the puppet yourself. To quote The Godfather “I refuse to be a fool, dancing on the strings, held by all those big shots.” You let others think that they are in charge when it’s really you pulling the strings.

Many assume it’s simply power and material success that drives you but with The Devil, this isn’t the case. What you desire most Capricorn, is to be in charge of your own fate. You view life as the pursuit of liberation and freedom and sometimes this means you have to pay the price. Like making a deal with the devil. You and The Devil love playing games, seducing targets, and winning. Rules, to you, are simply words written on a page by the competition who just wants to stand in your way. Like The Devil, you understand the deepest darkest desires of humanity and how to exploit them. While everyone else is playing checkers, you’re playing chess.

The Devil also stands as a warning. Capricorns know how easy it is to lose yourself in it all. The Devil is a reminder that wealth and material success can either liberate us or enslave us. It’s easy for someone like you to get caught up in the games and lose to The Devil. Don’t take The Devil card as any indication that you are a bad person. You and The Devil aren’t friends but rather two people with the same enemies. You must remember what you value and hold onto that. Don’t lose sight of who you are. Success isn’t worth it if you rise just to fall.


Your Cards: The Star

Since the beginning of our existence on earth, during our darkest hours of history, humans have always looked up to the sky in search of hope. Even if all the stars are dulled, one shining light remains. The Star in tarot represents a beacon of hope even in the darkest of nights and is associated with The North Star. Even if the sky swallows the sun tomorrow and the moon is pale like humanity’s sorrows, The Star is always there to guide us.

You’re such a special sign, Aquarius. I honestly mean that. In the face of despair, you still believe in hope because you understand that without hope what do we have? Through your unconditional love of humanity, despite all our complexities, and your belief in fate, it’s easy for others to become fixated. They stop and gaze at your mythological presence. As if you’ve lived and lived and lived again. There is something about you that is ethereal yet grounded. You are a personification of the barrier that exists between chaos and cosmic order.

We’ve all looked to the sky for help, guidance, answers, reassurance but what we seek most of all is the hope that we will find a way through the dark together. Your fate has been written in the stars and remains there eternally. Aquarius, it’s hard for you to sit still and be complacent with the way things are. Why be complacent when we can instead improve upon old foundations and grow as a collective? You are a key player in the evolution of humanity. You are a visionary with revolution in your blood. You are the light at the end of the tunnel. The dawn after darkness. It was written in the stars, you are the protector of hope.


Your Cards: The Moon

Just as the moon affects the ocean tides, you affect the emotional ebb and flow of people around you. It is one of your gifts, Pisces, the way you manage to lock people into the gravitational pull of your psyche. Like your sign’s tarot card, The Moon, you carry an inherent depth of character. You greatly influence the moods of people around you. You incite retrospection, truth of self, and the power of imagination through your ability to hum the same melancholy melody as our moon. You have an uncanny ability to indirectly reveal the true nature of others while maintaining your air of mystery. At first, you don’t realize what you’re doing, but once you’ve dived deep enough into their thoughts, you see people for exactly who they are. It is the way you swim through life, like the fish.

As the fish, you fearlessly swim through the depths of our subconscious mind, seeking truth in the human psyche. As others sleep at night, you lie awake, soaking in the moon, allowing your consciousness to glide freely between the eternal stillness of thoughts and feelings. Trekking the collective unconscious and the deepest secrets that lie in humanity’s depths through our dreams and our nightmares. You are like The Moon, revealing yourself slowly, shining light on what you want us to see, yet there always remains your mysterious dark side of the moon.

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