Zodiac Signs

What Makes Each Zodiac Get Emotional

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Their legacy.

Aries wants to be the Greek heroes of the zodiac. They want their names to live on long after their time on the earth has ended. They make choices and prioritize their time based on the epic goals they set for themselves. Their biggest fear is being forgotten, and when they’re alone and no one is around to witness, they let their insecurities run wild and imagine a future where their efforts were all for nothing.

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Taureans are known as the most materialist signs of the zodiac, but what few people know about them is that their most treasured possessions are those with the most sentimental value. A teddy bear from their childhood. A baseball glove they used to play catch with a beloved family member. A framed first check from their dream job. The items encapsulate precious moments and emotions from their lives and serve as a portal to the past.

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Geminis get overwhelmed when they fear they are letting the people around them down. When they can’t complete a work project on time. When they have to choose which wedding to attend and which they have to RSVP no to. When they come down with a fever before a close friend’s birthday outing. A Gemini will run themselves ragged before they fall short of expectations, and when that outcome is imminent it brings them to tears.

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Strained relationships.

Cancers are the problem-solving zodiacs. They are self-sufficient, always optimistic, and search for solutions before complaining about problems. So when they have a falling out with friends or family, a conflict they are unable to solve because it depends on a third party out of their control, they get emotional. While they are great at accepting the things they cannot change, Cancers still feel a pang whenever they think about that person they can’t make up with.

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Leos are loyal to a fault. They make time for all of the important people in their lives and find a strong sense of identity in the groups they belong to. So when someone moves away, or there is a shift in a long-standing social circle, weddings, kids, or other lifestyle changes that break up the weekly happy hour they feel a major loss. Leos love the routine and the camaraderie. They hate seeing something they’ve cherished through the years start to fall apart.

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Being told they’re wrong.

Virgos aren’t afraid of a fight, but they can get super emotional when someone gets under their skin and points out one of their own flaws. They are chihuahuas, all bark and no bite. They are used to dishing it all day, but when they have to take even the smallest bite of humble pie, it is a shock to their system. They feel defeated, deflated, and disoriented. They only know how to live in a world where they are the ultimate moral compass.

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Libras need order, structure, and schedules. When the world around them is in disarray, for any number of reasons, they lose it. When the news headlines are too grim when no one knows where they are on the family vacation, when there is nothing to eat in the house and everyone is hangry, they just can’t function. Someone has to take the reins, someone has to have a plan. And when there is no leader in sight to step up to the plate, they panic.

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Being lonely.

Scorpios crave love more than any other sign. They need connection and companionship to survive. When they’re single, and have yet to find anyone to lust or pine after, when they have no one to focus their attention on, they get emotional. They worry they’ll never find the partnership they’ve spent their life dreaming of, and wish there was someone to understand them and make them feel cared for. They need that outside validation.

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A Sagittarius will start to spiral when they spend too much time thinking of the things they wish they had done differently with their lives. The opportunities they didn’t seek out, the decisions they wish they hadn’t made. They can let hypotheticals run wild in their minds and spiral into their own shame. Instead of looking at the ways they’ve learned and grown and changed, they will wallow a little too long in their self-pity.

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Existential crises.

Capricorns will go down a rabbit hole on the internet that makes them question the entire world around them, everything they’ve learned as a child up until now, and their own sense of identity. The absurdity of the world and the way humans go about their lives will weigh heavily upon them until they feel like they can’t take it anymore. They just need to find anything else to focus on and make them feel productive until they snap out of it.

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Aquariuses are always empathizing with the struggles of others. They can’t help observing the people around them, the communities, and the news stories of other people suffering on the other side of the world. They can’t help but imagine themselves in someone else’s shoes and feel their imagined pain. No matter if it’s their best friend or a stranger who’s hurting, an Aquarius will feel equally emotional about their plight.

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The big picture.

Pisces are always zooming in and panning out on their own lives. When they start to connect the dots between themselves and the world around them, they can feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of our planet and the people living on it. When they think about how people are all going through life together, the ways we interact and form bonds and work together towards a common goal, Pisces is filled with a bittersweet emotion. They can hold the beauty and the tragedy of life in their minds simultaneously.

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