Zodiac Signs

What Kind of Husband He’ll Be Based On His Zodiac Sign

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Aries – Passionate and fiery

An Aries husband will be honest, and straightforward, and will envelop you in his exciting world. Aries are known for being high-energy and pursuing everything in life with passion and enthusiasm. An Aries husband won’t shy away from conflict or sweep issues under the rug and you will always know where you stand.

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The downside: He can be a bit impulsive and impatient, inadvertently driving good things away in the process so he will benefit from a partner who is more even-keeled.

Taurus – Reliable and strong-willed.

Known for being strong, reliable, and dependable, a Taurus makes a great husband. A Taurus man is a pleasure seeker- he enjoys physical pleasure and material goods. He appreciates a beautiful home, fine dining, and luxury items and will love to shower you with gifts. He is very resourceful and productive and can be counted on to make things happen.

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The downside: He is stubborn and set in his own ways and tends to think he knows best. A Taurus works best with someone who is more adaptable.

Gemini – Imaginative and unpredictable.

Geminis are passionate and insatiable. They get bored easily so they have a lot going on in their lives- friends, hobbies, and passions. He’ll be a real jack of all trades which keeps life fun and interesting. He is social, fun, and light-hearted and his passion for life is infectious.

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The downside: He can be a little too adaptable and shape-shifting. His mood can change easily leaving you confused and creating a lack of stability and trust at times.

Cancer – Sensitive and moody.

Cancer is the most sensitive, nurturing sign in all the zodiac. He will be empathetic to your needs and is happiest at home with his family. He will be an amazing, loving father and the ultimate protector and caretaker.

The downside: His sensitivity can get the best of him at times, making him moody and prone to bouts of melancholy.

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Leo – Loyal and ego-centric.

Confident, courageous, and bursting with personality, life with a Leo man is never dull! He will do anything to protect his family and his loyalty is his main strength.

The downside: He can veer toward being a little too self-centered at times and making it all about him.

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Virgo – Caring and perfectionistic.

A Virgo man will derive great meaning and joy from taking care of his family. He will go above and beyond, even at the expense of himself, to make sure you feel loved and cared for. He also loves to be useful and will be happy to help around the house and do whatever you need.

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The downside: He strives for excellence, but this perfectionism can lead to him being too critical and judgemental at times.

Libra – Romantic and passive.

Charming, sympathetic, and concerned with keeping peace and harmony, life with a Libra man is a pleasant journey. He will romance you and make you feel like a goddess and his love of beauty and pleasure means he’ll love to spoil you.

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The downside: He hates conflict and would rather sweep things under the rug than deal with it which can cause resentment to fester.

Scorpio – Loyal and unforgiving.

Scorpios are slow to warm up, but when is chooses you, then he will go all in and be wholly devoted and loyal. Scorpios don’t do things at the surface level, everything with him will be deep and intense.

The downside: He is distrusting by nature and if wronged, will be very slow to forgive.

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Sagittarius – Fun and flighty.

Life with a Sagittarius man is full of spontaneity, fun, and adventure. Spontaneous trips and adventures, trying new things, and a general zest for life are in your future if you couple with him.

The downside: His love of freedom can come off as being a little flighty and non-commital. He will do well with a partner who can be more of a grounding, stabilizing force.

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Capricorn – Reliable and intense.

He will be stable and responsible- all the bills will be paid, all the household issues will be taken care of- no one gets things done like a Capricorn. He may not be the warm and mushiest, but he is incredibly stable and reliable and will go all in for his family.

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The downside: He work ethic is strong, but it can be a little too strong and intense at times and cause him to become too stubborn and rigid.

Aquarius – Idealistic and detached.

Aquarius is known for their idealistic and independent spirit. He thinks outside the box and will inspire you to see the word in new ways. He wants to make the world a better place and his drive will inspire you to do great things as well.

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The downside: He can be emotionally detached and may not always be able to provide the emotional warmth you may crave. His love of freedom may also cause him to withdraw if he feels like too much is being expected of him.

Pisces – Devoted and hyper-sensitive.

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Pisces are known for their sensitivity and giving nature. He will go anything for you and for him, family always comes first. He can go a little far with this and completely sacrifice himself for the sake of others.

The downside: He can veer toward being oversensitive and taking on a victim mentality if his negative emotions go unchecked.

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