Zodiac Signs

What Kind Of Heart You Have, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You have an impatient heart.

As soon as you like someone, you want to jump headfirst into a relationship. No talking stage for you. No holding in your feelings. You’d rather be honest about your intentions right away, even if it has the potential to scare them off.

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You have a comfortable heart.

When you love someone, you get most of your contentment just from being together. If you can cuddle with them on the couch, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven. It’s the closeness and comfort for you.

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You have a chaotic heart.

Being with you is like a constant adventure. You change your mind–and your heart–as quickly as you change your outfits, which can cause a bit of whiplash for anyone you’re with. Your heart fits perfectly with people who like to be spontaneity and surprise.

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You have an empathetic heart.

You can feel the emotions of everyone in the room, sometimes so much that it hurts. Not only are you great at reading the energy of people, but you’re also great at extending your own heart to help them heal.

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You have a romantic heart.

When you commit to someone, you love all the romance that goes with it. Flowers, kisses, declarations of love? They’re all fuel for you. A relationship without the romance is no relationship at all, in your opinion.

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You have a discerning heart.

You won’t date or be friends with just anyone. You pick only people who enrich your life, who fit with how you live yours. If someone gets picked by you, they feel extra special knowing that you’re picky as hell.

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You have a comforting heart.

You’re really good at knowing what needs to be done to make someone feel good. And if you’re in a situation where there’s interpersonal conflict, you’re great at defusing it. Everyone can feel a bit more comfortable in their own skin when you’re around.

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You have a guarded heart.

You don’t easily let your walls down. After all, you don’t want to get hurt. But when you truly find someone you love, you let those walls down brick by brick so they can finally find their way to your heart.

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You have an adventurous heart.

You find happiness in all the adventures of life, large or small. And if you can share those adventures with someone you care about, it makes it all so much sweeter. With you, people feel like anything could happen–because it can.

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You have a devoted heart.

When you finally open your heart to someone–whether as a friend or romantic partner–you can’t help but show them how much you care. You’ll dote on them, encourage them to follow their dreams, and buy them little gifts just to show that you’ve been thinking of them.

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You have an selective heart.

You like your life just the way it is, so if you decide to add someone to the mix, it’s because you feel like they’ll enrich your life by being a part of it. You don’t let just anyone into your inner circle, so anyone who joins can feel special by being there.

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You have a soulful heart.

When you care about someone, you lead with your emotions, with your heart. You make people feel like they can always come to you when they’re feeling down or need a boost. That kind of comfort and security always puts people at ease.

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