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What It “Really” Means When Each Zodiac Sign Sends You Mixed Signals

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There is one trait about you they can’t overlook.

Aries are actually a lot more particular than they are usually given credit for, especially when it comes to deciding who they want to date. If an Aries seems to be sending you mixed signals, it’s usually because though they are at least interested in you, there’s something about you that they can’t quite see past, and they’re waiting to see if it’s really NBD, or if you’ll move past it on your own.

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They want to weigh their other options.

If a Taurus seems like they are fence-sitting, it’s usually because that’s exactly what they’re doing, and there’s something on the other side of the fence that they are at least fractionally interested in as well. Tauruses are self-serving people (this is not a bad thing, usually). It means they like to evaluate their options and try to make the best choice possible. Right now, it isn’t evident that it’s you.

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They don’t trust you yet.

When a Gemini is sending mixed signals, it’s because though they are developing feelings for you, they don’t quite trust you yet not to break their hearts or abandon them. Geminis test the waters by letting you in and then seizing intimacy temporarily. This dance goes back and forth until they know that you are as serious as they are.

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They don’t love you as much as they like you.

Cancers, next to Libras, are the most relationship-oriented signs of all. It is rare for these guys to be sending mixed messages, so when they do it, it makes a statement… and that statement is they don’t love you as much as you want to believe they do. When a Cancer feels a connection to someone, they do everything they can to commit to it and deepen it. If that isn’t flowing naturally, it’s because something doesn’t quite feel right for them.

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They are interested in something, but it’s not a relationship.

Leos are actually very literal with their mixed messages: they do want you around sometimes (usually for sex) but they aren’t interested in more. There really isn’t anything deeper to decode here. They definitely enjoy sharing time with you and having the relationship that you do, but they aren’t interested in anything past it. If they were, you’d know without a doubt.

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They see your potential.

If a Virgo isn’t diving head-first into a relationship, it’s because they’ve identified something problematic about their potential partner, and they want to see whether or not their concerns are valid. Virgos will stick around until they know that you are someone who is really worth their time, and as soon as they do, you’ll experience the best of their love. The process of getting their is more or less like an interview, or a test. Only a few pass.

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They are testing the waters.

Libras only have two types of relationships in their lives: their soulmates, and everyone who prepares them for their soulmates. For being notoriously indecisive, it seems that this is the one thing that is constant for them. They aren’t interested in relationships that aren’t leading anywhere. They aren’t interested in anything that isn’t their ultimate true love. So when a Libra is sending you mixed signals, it’s because they are trying to determine whether or not you are that person.

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They are waiting to take a cue from you.

For being so forward and determined about their lives, Scorpios actually take a lot of their relationship cues from other people. One of their most overwhelming desires is to feel validated and accepted, most especially by romantic partners. They are much more inclined to feign “playing it cool” and waiting to see what you do before they will actually share how they feel or what they want. They’ll also use this as a time to test you – see how committed you really are, and how much you really care.

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They aren’t interested.

Sagittarians don’t usually get too caught up with “mixed feelings” about people. They are interested in them, or they aren’t. In this case, anything that seems like a mixed message is really just one message that you may not want to hear: they aren’t interested. Or, at least, they aren’t interested enough to make their intentions clear and a commitment real.

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They aren’t ready.

Capricorns are people who thrive when they feel steady and calmly mindful of what’s happening around them and in their lives. They like to lead with groundedness, and very rarely just throw themselves into a relationship without deeply surveying the person first. If a Capricorn is sending you mixed signals, it’s because they aren’t quite certain about you yet, and they’re trying to find their footing.

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They don’t see any significant benefit in committing to a relationship with you.

Aquarians are unique in that they are very often able to override their feelings and make choices based on reasoning. This is what makes them so successful in their lives: they don’t just do what they think feels good in the moment. This also means that if they are sending mixed signals, while they are vaguely interested in you, there isn’t enough intrinsic motivation for them to make a commitment to you now (or maybe ever).

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They are afraid of what they feel.

A Pisces will guard their feelings more than any other sign, and that’s often why they have to take to art or music to express that which they have so deeply suppressed. If they are sending mixed messages, it’s because they feel something strongly, and are so afraid of getting hurt or making the wrong choice that they have to completely play it off as though they aren’t interested, or that they’re indifferent about the outcome. Pisces are rarely confused about their feelings – but often scared of them.

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