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What Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Before November 21

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Never underestimate your inner strength, Aries. It can be easy for you to discount yourself when the world gets overwhelming, but at your core you are a force to be reckoned with. When you feel lost, frustrated, or defeated, look deep inside yourself and reconnect with that part of you.

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Sometimes you can get so focused on your goals and your own problems that you begin to feel like an island isolated from the rest of the world. Please know that there are so many people out there who want to help you and who want to hear your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others—and when someone reaches out to you, take their hand.

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Sometimes the key to success is just moving forward—past the failures, past the disappointments, past the heartbreaks. Things won’t always go the way you hoped, but trust your resiliency and choose to keep looking toward the future—there are beautiful things waiting for you.

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If you’ve been feeling drained, overwhelmed, or stressed, this is your reminder to fill up your own cup. This might mean taking a step back from the things that are upsetting you, but it also might just mean actively seeking out the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled—because I promise you, it’s worth the energy if it means it’ll replenish you.

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Sometimes you forget the power you hold or you relinquish it to others because it feels like the right thing to do. But this is your reminder that you do have power over your life—if you’re unhappy, you get to make the choice to change something. You get the ultimate say over your life—do not give that to anyone else.

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Endings can be heartbreaking, even devastating, but I hope you never forget that the last page of one chapter simply leads to the first page of the next one. You are allowed to mourn what you’ve lost or the things you’ve moved on from, but it’s what happens next that really matters—I hope you make the most of it.

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Sometimes you get so caught up in putting your energy into others that you forget to put energy into your own healing. But this is your reminder that sometimes it’s okay—and preferable—to put yourself first, and that if something is draining your spirit, it’s your responsibility to do what’s best for you.

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At your darkest, it’s easy for you to feel like you’re alone in the world. Sometimes you’re afraid that if you show people this part of yourself, you’re more likely to lose them. But there are people in your life who love you exactly for who you are, even those parts that you want so badly to hide from others. There are people who want to be there for you, if you’d only let them.

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You have a tendency to prefer feeling unattached because you like the freedom of roaming the world however you see fit—and when things get in the way of that, it can feel like a threat. But there is also beauty in forming roots, in having those people and places that will always feel like home to you. Please don’t forget to nurture those, because you may regret it if you let them waste away.

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You always put a lot of pressure on yourself to make the right decisions, and because of that, you have a tendency to get caught up in the “what ifs”. You also have a tendency to beat yourself up when you think you may have chosen the wrong path. Just remember that hindsight is 20/20 and that you’re making the best decisions with the information you have—and that a different decision wouldn’t necessarily mean a better outcome.

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You are often such a logical person, which is a great thing to be—that is, until it starts eclipsing the matters of the heart. It’s important for you to realize that following your heart is not a bad or weak thing. Sometimes the best thing you can do is listen to your gut or act on your emotions—it’s these that will lead you to your happiness, your purpose.


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When the world feels overwhelming and the noise becomes too much, know that there’s nothing wrong with retreating into your shell for a while. Your own company can be restorative and sometimes it’s just easier to find the answers you seek in the silence. Just be sure that when you shut yourself away, you’re not necessarily shutting everyone else out in the process.

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