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What Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Before January 16

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You won’t always win, but I hope that doesn’t stop you from trying nonetheless. The most successful people are the ones who refuse to let failure be the end of their pursuit—and while your impatience can sometimes be your downfall, your capacity for passion and perseverance is perhaps the most valuable thing about you. Never stop trying.

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Sometimes the most valuable thing for you is a change in perspective. You can be so sure that you’re right but fail to understand that your own truths aren’t the only ones. Step into someone else’s shoes and try to see the world from their perspective; you may notice the spaces that were once so black and white for you are full of not just gray but a whole entire rainbow.

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Wherever you are in life right now, both physically and emotionally, try to make a home out of it. You can so easily feel displaced in the world, especially when the homesickness creeps in, but remember this: You are where you belong, so claim this space and this moment as your own.

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Have the courage to be yourself, who you are to your very core. Because you can hide in your shell or try to mirror all the things you believe you should be, but if you live your life for everyone else, what does that leave for you? Temporary acceptance does not lead to lifelong happiness, so give yourself the gift of being yourself now.

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Happiness is not a destination but a feeling you find along the way. Because if you’re always aiming for happiness above all else, you’ll only be more disappointed by life’s hiccups and the forks in the road. Happiness is an ebb and a flow—a moment here, a moment there. Instead, seek fulfillment and bask in the happiness when it graces your path.

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Give yourself permission to be messy. Give yourself permission to get it all wrong sometimes, to make the infuriating mistakes, to disappoint others and yourself. Give yourself permission to view yourself as human, because it’s not your job to make everyone else happy, and it’s not your job to always get it right, and it’s not your job to embody perfection. Just do the best that you can and forgive yourself for what you cannot do.

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Be honest about the things that you want, at least with yourself. You can be so set on doing what you believe is best for everyone else, or what’s right, that you sometimes ignore your own needs and desires in the process. What parts of yourself are you giving up for someone else? And in the end, is it really worth it?

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If you can’t control the outcome, try to enjoy the journey. The world will oftentimes be out of your hands but that doesn’t mean you’re completely helpless. You can still use these moments to look for unexpected beauty, to connect with someone in a way you never thought you would, to laugh and cry and live. Whether you want to believe it or not, all of that matters, too.

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You don’t have to hide away all of those sensitive parts of you that feel embarrassing or too real, too raw. Society so often teaches us that to be strong means to show indifference, to take all those little vulnerable moments and build a wall around them. But it’s those moments that make us the most human, that connect us with others and help us understand ourselves on a deeper level. There’s no reason to be ashamed of them.

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If you’re going to love something or someone, do it without abandon. Life is too short to ration out your love as if it’s something you may run out of. The most beautiful thing about love is that the more you allow yourself to share it with others, the bigger capacity you have for it—so never allow yourself to shortchange the people who matter to you most.

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Don’t hold yourself back from telling others the truth of your emotions. Whether that’s love, or frustration, or hurt, or gratitude, it doesn’t matter—what matters is that you open that bridge of communication and let someone in fully, because in blocking off others from that part of you, you cut your heart off to them completely.

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The truth is that you may not find many people who love in the same ways that you do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love all the same. Instead of hoping someone will mirror your own expressions of love, look for their own unique ways of showing it. So often we disappoint ourselves with our expectations instead of allowing ourselves to be receptive to the love languages of those around us—and by blinding ourselves to the love that’s already there.

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