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What Every Zodiac Needs To Hear Before April 1

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You are loved beyond the parts of you that you believe is lovable. You have a tendency to try to hide the softest parts of you, the darkest parts of you, but there are people in this world who will accept you for the whole of you. Look for those people.

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Just because you’ve moved on from something doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to miss it. It doesn’t mean that you should walk backward, doesn’t mean you should try to return to the place you used to be, it just means that that part of your life meant something to you, and that’s okay. Honor it while still understanding why you had to grow past it.

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Sometimes it feels like life would be a lot easier if you had a roadmap, but it’s important to remember that the search for direction is perhaps the most important part of your life. So allow yourself to be curious, allow yourself to get lost, and allow yourself to make as many detours as you’d like. This is what it means to live.

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Life is too heavy to take it too seriously. Open your heart to whimsy—to learning something new simply out of your curiosity for it, to indulging in the small, stupid things that make you smile, to loving someone even if you know it won’t last forever. Let your heart become light with them.

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Sometimes you get so caught up in following the praise that you forget to take a step back and make sure that the path you’re headed down is the one that makes you happy. It’s okay to want to succeed, and to want to do well, but it’s just as important to make sure you’re pursuing the life you actually want, not just the one others want for you.

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You have high expectations for others, which can be good if it’s meant to assure you don’t accept bare minimum behaviors; that being said, it’s important to remember that to be human is to be flawed. There will never be a person who will do everything right, there are only people who will try the best that they can.

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Choose to believe that the world can be better than it is. It can be difficult to hope, especially if you’re always used to being disappointed, but if anyone has the mental fortitude to make a change in the world, it’s you. Never let yourself give up hope for something better.

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While you may sometimes prefer to hide inside your hardened shell, treating it like a fortress, I hope you find people who invite your softness to come out. Because you are more sensitive than you like to let people believe, and sometimes you forget that letting yourself embrace these parts of you is an important part of healing. Look for the people who embrace this vulnerability.

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Never let yourself lose your curiosity. The world does not always leave us much room to foster a beginner’s mindset, but if anyone can find joy in learning something new, it’s you. Always ask questions, always look for opportunities you’ve never considered before, and always consider saying yes to stepping out of your comfort zone.

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Sometimes you’re so afraid of losing that you won’t even bother trying. But if you only ever restrict your life to the places you’re comfortable going, the things you’re comfortable doing, you close yourself off to the feelings of happiness that lie just off the path. Learn to be comfortable with the things you don’t know and the fact that you won’t always get things right because maybe being “right” isn’t what matters here anyway.

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It can be difficult to put your trust in others after you’ve been burned before. But it’s also important to remember that people are not all the same, that just because one person treated you one way doesn’t mean that everyone is going to. Let yourself be optimistic enough to give the benefit of the doubt, and choose to trust even when you’re afraid to—because this is what it means to love.

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You are soft, but just as importantly, you are strong. The world will oftentimes try to make you forget that because they are so focused on seeing your sensitivity as a weakness that they overlook the rest. But know that you are resilient, you are influential, and you are powerful. Never let anyone convince you that you cannot stand up on your own.

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