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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From The Full Moon In Cancer On December 26th

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The last Full Moon of 2023 will be on December 26th, 2023, and this one is known as the Cold Moon.

Full Moons are about manifestation: while New Moons give power to setting intentions, Full Moons bring an energy of completion and celebration. This Full Moon is in Cancer, and Cancers are ruled by the Moon, which makes this transit extra strong, especially as 2023 comes to a close. So with the energy of Cancer and it being Capricorn season, we can expect a sense of security in bringing our intentions and desires to life.

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With all that being said, this is what every zodiac can expect from the Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th:


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You’re focusing on emotional matters during this lunar phase. Not only are you feeling nostalgic and reflecting on the relationships you’ve had this year, but you’re also expressing your gratitude towards your closest friends and family. This energy is encouraging you to deepen your connections.


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Your constellation will be visible during this Full Cold Moon, so you might feel the energy in an emotional, intimate way. As the year comes to a close, you’re feeling sappy and sentimental. You’re letting go of the wrong people and deepening your connections with the right ones. It’s a fresh start for you.


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Along with this Full Moon in Cancer, we’re also in Mercury Retrograde, and with that, you’re doing a lot of reflecting and letting go. You’re recognizing who actually cares about you and cutting ties with the ones who don’t. You’re putting in the emotional work and moving forward into 2024 feeling more confident in the people in your corner.


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The Full Moon is in your sign, so your emotional sensitivity and self-awareness are incredibly heightened during this time. You’ve come a long way, and you’re going to be feeling deeply sentimental and emotional about it all. Embrace the lessons learned because ultimately, you grew from it. Praise your progress, Cancer.


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You’re feeling a sudden insight that is encouraging you to change direction in your life, specifically within your career. To achieve your goals and get the recognition and validation you crave, you know that the emotional attachment you have to your finances and your career will have to change.


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You’ve been letting your self-doubt and insecurities get the best of you and this Full Moon is urging you to be kinder to yourself and to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You’ve set your boundaries and you’ve made your lists, so now it’s time to focus on yourself and rest before the work starts up again.


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As the year is coming to a close, you’re feeling extra sentimental and grateful for the people in your life and the support they’ve provided. You’re feeling a deep desire to make shifts within your career and you should know that you have good people in your corner supporting you (if that’s what you choose to do).


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This Full Moon in Cancer is triggering some emotional intensity for you. You haven’t been feeling entirely fulfilled in what you’re doing with your life–you want more depth. So you’re booking the trip, taking the course, starting the major project. You’re moving forward with your dreams.


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With Mercury Retrograde in disciplined Capricorn and the Full Moon in emotional Cancer, you’re tying up loose ends from the past. You’re letting go of all that no longer serves you and embracing the beginning of a new life chapter. You’re not allowing yourself to run away from your emotions this time.


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With the energy of your season and Mercury Retrograde in your sign, you’re feeling the urge to do the internal work. You’re a bit more emotionally reserved, but with the energy of Cancer, you’re letting yourself feel for once. You’re asking yourself the hard questions and communicating with others better, and this will ultimately bring your deepest desires and goals to fruition.


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You’re more emotionally detached than most people, but with the energy of the Full Moon in Cancer, you’re feeling a pull into your emotions. You’re fostering your current emotional connections, deepening your understanding of past relationships, and actually expressing your feelings for once. This is a positive, much-needed release for you.


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The end of this year is inspiring you. Not only are you feeling encouraged to move forward with your ideas, but you’re honoring your talents and ignoring any feelings of self-doubt all the while. The way you express yourself is incredibly profound, so embrace it. Don’t be afraid to indulge.

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