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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From 2023’s Venus In Pisces

Venus will enter the sign of Pisces on January 26th, 2023. Testing the waters can feel quite overwhelming when Venus is in this sign. Pisces tends to consume and we can become obsessed with romance and falling in love. However, Venus is exalted when in Pisces because loving becomes a selfless instead of a selfish habit. When Venus is in this sign, there is a great focus on creativity as well as healing. Romantic relationships formed now can have a dreamlike quality while current relationships will experience a more profound bond.


There is much-needed honesty that will go with this transit. It is a time to look within. You can see yourself in a new light and shed your old skin. Venus in Pisces can feel like a wave of fresh air coming your way, since this benefic will put things into perspective for you. It is a period where you feel much more revitalized and aligned with your needs and wants.


Going with the flow is a theme for you during this transit. It is a great time to reunite with friends and to do things that bring you joy and excitement. With this transit, you can feel your confidence also strengthened. You are guided to help others and bring more calming energy to yourself. Go at your own pace with faith in yourself.


Being at the top can feel much easier and comforting with this Venus in Pisces transit. You are prepared and focused on the goal without feeling the pressures from those in charge. Venus in Pisces activates your social life and your need to connect. You feel vibrant and empowered. It is a time when you can make new friends, colleagues, or classmates. You can expect your social circle to expand.


The energy that this transit brings will feel transformative as it makes a trine to your sign. Alignment becomes more important to you as you prepare for Saturn to move. Tapping into your creative energy is easy now, since you could feel a lot more inspired to bring some aesthetic changes to your home. You could also feel extremely interested in learning a new craft or subject. Your curious nature could also spark inspiration, especially for creatives.


Finding yourself could be a theme for this transit. Saturn in Aquarius helped to redefine your relationships and how to focus on bringing balance. Now, with Venus in Pisces, you can learn to take a new approach to heal. There is a stronger motivation to communicate your feelings to your partner with more care. You may become more diplomatic with this energy, which can work in your favor.


Those lessons from Jupiter in Pisces transit will reappear once again. You are prepared to make some changes to your love life if you are single to bring more stability to relationships. For those that are paired up, you could see your bond either getting stronger or weaker since Mars is still in Gemini, creating tension. Either way, this transit can help you become more appreciative of yourself and more confident.


Focusing on bringing calm during this Venus in Pisces transit will have you feeling refreshed. It is an analytical period for you where you can learn to prioritize yourself, and Jupiter lends you a helping hand. Venus will feed onto the expansive energy for the month, allowing you to focus more on self-care and solidifying self-love.


Romantic relationships and love are on your mind during this month-long transit. It is a time to explore your creative side, since Venus will make a trine to your sign, allowing you to conjure up some interesting ideas. Regarding love, you could be on your way to understanding what works for you and what does not. Venus gives you the clarity to go after relationships that promote the happiness you truly want.


A lovely transit for the next month will be Venus in Pisces, which will help you explore the concept of love. The wonderful energy will allow you to tune into your philosophical side, debating what it truly is that will make you fall in love. Venus here will also help your ambitious side. If you lacked the motivation to channel your energy constructively, you might feel quite inspired during this month-long transit.


With this Venus in Pisces transit, you are on a roll to keep yourself engaged in doing what you love. We are all going to benefit from having Venus in its exaltation, and you can see how this will boost your need to perfect and learn. Venus in Pisces will have you ready to communicate with others and feel at ease with the way you express yourself.


During this transit, you will be more focused on the growth and learning needed to elevate. You could feel that Saturn is moving onto the next sign, giving you some room to breathe. Venus in Pisces is a reminder to go slow, focus on yourself, and reflect on how much you have accomplished. It is a time to rekindle that relationship with yourself and get motivated.


Venus in your sign allows you to learn to love and appreciate yourself more. Pisces Season is only several weeks away and this Venus transit will give you a taste of what you will be expecting. As a sign that appreciates being kind to others, this transit will allow you to tap into the beauty within. Reflect on the wonderful things you do, which include helping others when it comes from the heart.

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