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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From 2023’s New Moon In Virgo

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The New Moon in Virgo on Friday, September 15, 2023, will have us feeling rejuvenated, driven, and more practical. With this lunar period, we will have a critical eye, but we can set our sights on something more and do the things we love with more passion and devotion. Saturn and Jupiter are in friendly signs, giving us all the momentum needed to continue feeling inspired for the next six months. We should try not to be too critical of ourselves; instead, we should use the energy to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others. See how this transit will impact your sun, rising, and moon sign.

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Prepare to be more productive as the New Moon in Virgo helps amp up your productivity levels so that you stay on track with your goals. Those in charge are evaluating your performance and you are keen to give it your all for the next six months. Collaboration can help you lead the way and get things done faster. You will be feeling more empowered and ready to tackle any challenges.

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This is a romantic transit that will either ignite your passion for that dormant creative side or you will see your love life becoming more like a romantic story. It is a time when you can have beautiful experiences that make you feel more connected to yourself. In the romantic department, Saturn’s influence can have you making deeper connections with your romantic partners through more transparency and honesty. Expect your relationships to reach new heights.

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Forming closer connections to friends and family is tied to this transit. It can be categorized as a period where you get more in touch with who you are and you may feel compelled to dig into your family history. Your chart ruler is ruling this lunar transit, gifting you with more awareness, excellent communication, and a lot more optimism. The Moon has Jupiter’s influence here which can elevate your thought process to the next level.

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Magic is in the air for you with Luna reminding you that you can succeed at anything as long as you dedicate the time. There is a lot of growth, love, and connection surrounding you during this New Moon. It can feel restricting to some, but Saturn has you focused, methodically thinking about your next steps. For the next six months, you will feel your confidence levels increase, as well as the new social connections you will make.

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As the New Moon moves into more solid territory, you are encouraged to wind down and reflect. This transit will help you build for the future, as well as rediscover what will increase your ambitions. You are still reeling from the effects of the Venus retrograde, but with the lessons learned during that time, this period can feel like a much-needed break where you can confidently recalibrate and process the changes that had occurred. Embrace the transformations happening within you.

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A new beginning as this New Moon cycle allows you to free yourself a little and set new intentions. The focus now may be on your career and the direction you aim to take with Saturn setting the tone and pace for the next several years. In romance, this cycle can be an awakening where you will be more inclined to be open to being vulnerable and more emotional. Even with the heaviness of Saturn, you will see that your heart will feel a lot more sensitive. Give yourself care, and patience, and remember to show yourself unconditional love.

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A time for you to recharge and focus on the things you are passionate about. This cycle can help you prepare for the next New Moon in your sign. This is your time to look back, plan and organize. With Mars in your sign, pushing you to be more ambitious, this energy will help you take things slower and appreciate your triumphs. Spend this time with the people you love and commend yourself for your successes.

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You are vibrant, successful, and triumphant. With the New Moon in Virgo, you are going to push yourself to the next stage because you will be praised for the work you have done. There is a lot of growth here, and you have the support needed from friends to get you where you need to. The energy now can help you reach for the stars and not be afraid to look ahead and dream bigger.

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As a mutable sign, this energy may feel challenging, but you know how to handle it. This New Moon in Virgo is a friendly reminder to play it cool, be a diplomat, and not back down when you feel that your dreams are slipping away. Crafting a new direction to get closer to your aspirations can be on your mind for the next six months, especially with Jupiter in Taurus making you understand what it is you want to do regarding your career goals. Perseverance is a key word here, as well as having good communication and connections with others.

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Having the energy shifting to the earth element, this transit will feel comfortable to you as you expand your horizons and learn to let go of anything negative that has been holding you back. With this energy happening in a fellow earth sign, this is a transit that can be focused on learning. For the next six months, you could meet a new mentor or begin to take on the role of mentor for others. You are beginning to set the groundwork for new opportunities to evolve and expand more on your success.

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Your day-to-day will experience a change, and with Saturn already making things work differently, this transit is about adapting to the mutable energy in the works. As a fixed sign, this can feel daunting, but it will help you break free from any stagnant energy that could be holding you back. Nevertheless, this transit promises to offer a new perspective and resources to help catapult you to the next level. Be more open to changes to become more efficient.

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This is quite the potent transit as this New Moon is in direct opposition to your sign, allowing you to reflect on yourself and past loves. While this energy is concentrated in your relationship house, you are given the tools needed to make things work to create more of a healthy balance and to remind yourself not to give too much of your energy. This transit will help you with your confidence as you learn to trust and be there for yourself more. Breaking free from the hold of the past and setting boundaries will be helpful for you during the next six months.

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