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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From 2023’s Mercury Retrograde In Taurus

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On April 21st, Mercury will station retrograde until May 14th, 2023, when it goes direct. Mercury will remain in Taurus until June 11th, 2023, when the planet of communication finally enters the sign of Gemini. Mercury in this sign wants us all to go slower than we would like, since Taurus does not like to rush. This transit has us focused on the details. Simple tasks become harder to complete. As with most retrogrades, a lot of revision, redoing, and reworking will be in the mix. The progress we make will feel tedious, but we could experience breakthroughs while going at a slower pace, especially after the eclipse on May 5th. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.

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Developing more intimate relationships during this retrograde transit allows you to uncover new parts of yourself. There is an easier flow with addressing what you want and being honest with the people around you. If there was any tension between you and your friend or partners, you can get your point across with more tact. This transit teaches you to put yourself first and to focus on your future.

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Opportunities to socialize more begin to present themselves at this time. You can feel empowered by what you say, and your friends may go to you for guidance. With Mercury Retrograde in your sign, it is a period where you will have to learn how to make some compromises with colleagues and make changes to your work schedule so you aren’t stressed. Patience is a virtue now.

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Mercury Retrograde allows you to reflect and tackle your responsibilities. Organization becomes your main priority, so you could see yourself being more attentive with your planners and scheduling. As a sign that is ruled by Mercury, you will know how to navigate this transit. Even if you may feel social, you will see how much you thrive doing things on your own.

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Staying connected during this period will allow you to be less stressed if work has been throwing more responsibilities your way. You can decompress during this time, thanks to the good friends you have around you. Mercury will remind you to take time for yourself and be patient with others. Mars can have you lash out at others, so make sure to be patient when you’re about to lose your cool.

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How you relate to others is important now, especially in your career. To make powerful steps ahead during this retrograde, being direct and clear works in your favor. Making plans ahead of time will prove to be beneficial, since it will allow you to stay on track, driven, and focused to achieve more success.

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A transit that will keep you on your toes. Mercury here will help you feel courageous and motivated to make changes that bring more happiness to your world. Mercury sparks the adventurer in you, allowing you to be more inclined to focus on personal growth. You could also see people from the past returning and seeking advice from you.

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There is power in this transit as it reminds you to channel the warrior within. Mercury could bring those thoughts from the past, but Venus encourages you to do some deep reflection to move forward. These transits allow you to focus on inner healing. Eclipse season will have you finding victory through your self-love.

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Building on your relationship and discussing things with your partner will be essential during this transit. If you are in a meaningful relationship, you will feel closer to your partner. For those who are single, with Mercury Retrograde and the eclipse in May impacting your house of partnerships, this will be a time of closing old chapters and forgiving to pave the way for new connections.

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Taking care of yourself could be a theme of this transit, especially if you have neglected to look after your needs. Mercury retrograde brings you back to focus on what truly matters. You are prompted to find a balance between work and self-care. Tackling your responsibilities could seem like a breeze, but make sure to rest when needed.

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Reconnecting or reminiscing about previous lovers could be a theme of this transit. Or you could feel very nostalgic. As the nodes are ready to change, you may reflect on your growth over the last several years. Those in a relationship will learn to value their partner more. If things are fizzling, you could be promoted to communicate. Those who are single will see what they value in a potential partner.

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Mercury’s transit could feel like picking up the pieces after Saturn in Aquarius transit. You are meditating now on how the last several years have impacted and changed you. Home is where you recalibrate and where you could feel protected. As the nodes prepare to move away, you understand what bringing balance means. Mercury will have you thinking about your growth, and how you can go beyond.

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A relaxing time as Mercury makes a positive aspect with Saturn, giving you a lot of mental focus. It is an excellent time to focus on tasks relating to either school or work. You could feel more present and have the patience to look through the minor details you may have glossed over at the beginning of this Mercury transit.

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