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What Every Zodiac Can Expect From 2023’s Leo Season

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Leo season starts on July 22nd, 2023, the same day Venus goes retrograde in the same sign. For the next month, we will enjoy how Leo season will ignite our passions and awaken our creative side. We could see our lives play out like a romantic movie with the ups and downs Venus retrograde can bring. However, the Sun in Leo reminds us to have a little more pride in ourselves and to still take command of the stage. Leo season will be much different compared to last year when Saturn in Aquarius was squaring the luminary. Now the Sun in this sign will feel a lot more free to radiate and bring us all optimistic energy after the emotional weight that Cancer season carries. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.

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Aries, you will appreciate the fierceness of this energy, since it will have you feeling on top of the world. Focusing on where you want to level up will be tied with this transit. Leo energy will boost your creativity, so if you have some projects in the works, this is the time to go after what you want. Romance is another big thing for you in the next month because you could meet someone that sweeps you off your feet. For those in relationships, this exciting energy will either serve as a stimulus for breakups or it will help to make your relationship feel stronger and connected with your partner.

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Venus in Leo has shown you how having a solid support system is extremely beneficial because it has allowed you to tackle challenges. Knowing you have friends and family that support and continue to root for you will increase your motivation. Now with the Sun joining Venus, you may feel more passionate about your work or hobbies because you have found a balance that allows you to share what you create with the world but also preserve your peace and harmony on the home front. This Sun transit allows you to do the prep work so that when the Sun enters Virgo, you can develop better structures that help catapult your career.

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Getting more in sync with your thoughts, dreams, and creative side will be highlighted during this Leo Season. The Sun and Venus will make your words more passionate when you communicate with others. There is a lot of magnetism surrounding you, and others can feel very much aligned with what you have to say. Leo’s energy brings you to the stage and has you opening up to others. Romantic partners may enjoy the vibe you bring now since your words are sweeter and you are more flirtatious.

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A transit that will have you focused more on contemplating new ways to learn about your finances. You are also becoming more aware of the things you may own. Leo energy may inspire you to “treat yourself,” but you need to know your limit. There could be some tension with your social groups during this transit, since you may want to prioritize yourself more. Mars will make your words harsher, so try to think before you speak. Win friends with honey and practice being more diplomatic.

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Being in love is easy for you now. You feel a lot more optimistic and engaged with others. This is a period filled with introspection because Venus is in your sign and making you much more social. You are more excited about what is to come and more prosperous energy comes your way. This Leo Season has you feeling unstoppable and in control. Venus also makes you feel more beautiful and others find you more captivating. This season is all about claiming your victories. Dream big, make plans, and go for it.

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You are settling into this energy as the Sun and Venus in the same sign begin to awaken something within you. This is a month that will be filled with contemplation and relaxation. As you prepare for your season to come, Leo season will have you crafting your to-do list. You may also do a review of your accomplishments and restructure those goals if needed. You could be much more passionate about where you want to go, so do whatever you need to fulfill your dreams. Your plans become more meaningful things since you may feel dynamic and unstoppable.

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Leo season makes you the star of the show for the next month. You could see yourself becoming a little more popular among your friend circle since everyone may want to be around you. Venus in the same sign makes it easier for you to meet new people. You could also see some important things happen at school or work, since those above may notice the hard work you have been doing. So far, this month has brought energy that will boost your confidence for the next several years, and Leo’s energy will act like a catalyst, so you can see just how special and charming you are.

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Self-discovery is linked to this transit as you set the foundation to add more growth, especially for your career. With Venus at the highest point in your chart, you may become a lot more confident with the associations you make and the people that have provided plenty of support in your career. Now that the Sun has also joined, you are feeling a lot more equipped not only to make these fruitful connections, but you express yourself and may become more comfortable with the work you are creating.

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This Leo season allows you to focus on creating more success at school or work. You are here to learn and pursue the things that are aligned with your ideology. You are feeling very optimistic and in charge right now and can feel like the transits could be working in your favor, especially if you were lacking motivation. This is also a period of great planning and focus, with Mars reminding you to get the work done and not to give up. Leo season has you incorporating more fun, but Saturn helps you bring balance to the table.

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Having the Sun in Leo helps you to find your armor and shield. This transit can feel quite uncomfortable, but you have support from Jupiter, adding some optimism when things can feel overwhelming. Venus and the Sun in Leo have you dancing with relationships and connections from the past; however, you will know how to do the healing and work, especially after experiencing the Full Moon transit in your sign earlier this month. You are ready to embrace the changes and see the gifts that Jupiter can bring to you while you navigate this energy.

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A lot of Leo’s energy will be concentrated in your partnership house, which can make too much of a good thing feel a little stressful. But this is also a transit that helps you visualize where you see yourself in the next several years. You are developing mastery in a field and could be prompted to pursue learning more about the craft that brings you joy. Leo season allows you to learn from others who can help you become more successful in your career.

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Getting things done can feel quite challenging, as these transits make it more apparent that you may need to get back on track. After the romantic energy from the New Moon in Cancer, you are pushed to look at your relationship with yourself for the next month. The Sun allows you to be more prepared, take your time, and be more optimistic about what lies ahead. You are slowly learning more about bringing more self-care, efficiency, and productivity into your life without feeling burnt out. With Saturn in your sign, you have the reminder to go slow and take your time.

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