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What Each Zodiac Sign Should Expect From Their Situationship From 7/27 – 8/3

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It seems like you’re running out of patience and you have been ‘playing it cool’ for a while now which is unlike you. You normally want clear and defined answers and you like to know exactly where things are going because you don’t like surprises and you’re not used to being led on. This week, you’re very close to popping off and finally asking for what you want and making your intentions and boundaries very clear. If you don’t get the answers you’ve been looking for, you are most likely walking away and ending that situationship once and for all.

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This is your week Taurus, you normally don’t get into situationships because you don’t allow yourself to fall for someone who doesn’t feel the same way or doesn’t reciprocate your feelings and your enthusiasm but for some reason, even when you do get into stiuationships, they end up falling for you too and it naturally turns into a relationship. This week, it looks like your situationship is taking a positive spin and it will go exactly the way you want it to, effortlessly.

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You’re all about fun and games Gemini, and you’re probably the one who’s playing the field and not wanting to define anything or associate yourself with only one person when you can have a little more fun, but for some reason, this week you might find yourself in a more romantic mood and wanting to settle down with just this one person. You’re craving some quality time and a romantic getaway with a special someone. This is your time to be honest about what you want and how you feel because there is someone who has been waiting to hear that from you for a very long time.

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You don’t want to get your heart broken again and you now have a very good sense of who is about to hurt you and who is safe to be with or who is worth waiting for. This week, you’re finally weeding out the bad ones or the ones with the potential to hurt you and it will come naturally to you. It’s not like you’re going to give anyone ultimatums but you are in a good place in your life and you will find yourself automatically walking away from situations and people who are bringing you down or constantly disappointing you because you are protecting yourself.

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This week, you are done with situationships and unrequited love. You are used to being the one who has the last word and the upper hand in all your relationships, so being in the passenger seat doesn’t suit you. You have tried it for a short time but you didn’t enjoy the ride, you’re taking back control this week and you’re putting your foot down. You’re back in the driver’s seat, about to show everyone who really runs the show. You sometimes forget how intimidating you are but it will come in full swing this week when you start having those difficult conversations and ruthlessly asking for what you really want without beating around the bush.

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You’re still playing it safe this week because you’re not ready to lose that person just yet. You don’t like sudden changes and you definitely hate letting people go when you’re not ready so you will keep things the way they are until you’re in a better place mentally and emotionally to take the risk and more prepared to walk away if things don’t work out. For now, you want to keep that person in your life and you’re enjoying getting to know them more without really pressuring them to make any decisions or put any labels.

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You’re still searching for ‘the one’ and somehow you find yourself stuck in more than one situationship because you’re not really sure about what you want. This week, you will get more clarity and eliminate some of the confusion that you’ve been experiencing. You will finally understand what you want and who is right for you. There will be a lot of surprises in your love life this week, whether by taking your situationship to the next level or realizing that you have been lying to yourself when it comes to a certain person, either way, you’re one step closer to finding ‘the one.’

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You have been listening to many dating coaches and watching a lot of love podcasts because you want to know if you’re on the right track or not, you have been applying all the rules, going no contact, being unavailable and focusing on yourself that it’s finally paying off. This week, there’s a shift in you that will push you to end your situationship because now you know that “if they wanted to, they would’’ and all this material you’ve been listening to really helped you shift the focus back onto yourself and put yourself first. You realized that you don’t want to be an option and if someone doesn’t make you their priority, you’re not going to tolerate that behavior anymore. You’re choosing yourself now and you’re letting everyone know that.

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You’re used to living in your own bubble that’s not easy to burst and you don’t mind being alone forever because you always know how to fill your life with hobbies and activities that fulfill you and bring you joy, and this week is no exception, you want even more space and time alone to unwind and do what you love. You might ask for space or actually go off the grid which is exactly what your situationship needs. That time apart with little to no communication will help you analyze the situation and will help your person make a better decision about you because they will definitely miss you when you’re gone especially when they feel like you don’t need them and you’re happily doing your own thing. It will make them want you even more.

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You don’t want to admit that things aren’t working out the way you hoped they would and you don’t want to go through another heartbreak again so you’ve been doing all the work and trying to ‘fix’ everything on your own. This week, you’re going to feel worn out and drained because you’ve been doing all the heavy lifting by yourself. This may spark a serious conversation with your person because you can’t keep doing your job and theirs, so you want them to step up and  you’re finally willing to admit defeat if this person is still hesitant or isn’t willing to compromise to meet you halfway.

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Even though you’re independent and you value your freedom more than anything, you may be feeling extra vulnerable and emotional this week. You haven’t been in touch with your emotions for a while and now it’s time to listen to your heart which will tell you exactly what needs to be done in your situationship. You’re going to follow your heart this week and you may make a few hasty decisions but rest assured that whatever decision you make, it will be coming from a very real place because you’re finally being true to yourself and you can’t really go wrong with that.

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You keep putting this person on a pedestal and catering to their needs while neglecting your own. Everyone keeps telling you that you need to love yourself more and stop putting this person first but you haven’t been listening to anyone but yourself. This week, you’ll be more open to seeking guidance and advice from others on your situationship and you are more likely to follow some of that advice because you’re aware of the fact that you’re blinded by this person and their love that you’re not seeing things clearly and ignoring all the red flags. This week will be life-changing for you as you will finally take off your rose-colored glasses and see this person’s true colors and see the situation for what it really is not what you want it to be.

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