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What Each Zodiac Sign Can’t Own Up To

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We are all flawed creatures, but there are psychological risks in admitting this to ourselves. God gave us just so we can protect ourselves from the knowledge that sometimes we are far less than we pretend to be. It’s our way of using an Instagram filter on our egos. It’s like putting makeup on our self-image.

There’s also the fear that if we admit our mistakes to others, people will use them against us. No one likes being judged negatively.

But in the long run, it takes less energy to admit our shortcomings than it does to hide from them.

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With that in mind, here is the one thing that you have the most trouble admitting, based on your star sign. Mind you, these are generalizations. They don’t apply to every member of every zodiac sign. (Confession: Because I like to think I’m an accomplished astrologer, I had trouble admitting that these generalizations don’t apply to everyone.)

Aries: When You’re Wrong

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As a scorching-hot fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of gladiators, you bulldoze your way through life with an unerring sense of confidence. It’s what makes you attractive to others and also makes you a natural-born leader. You want to be perceived as above the fray—perfect, even. But in your overconfidence, you sometimes make ridiculous mistakes. But since you have a near-perfect reputation to maintain, you wind up refusing to admit when you have made an obvious mistake, which only makes you look ten times as bad. Own your mistakes. People will respect you for it. What they don’t like is when you come off like a pompous, narcissistic, “Look at me, I’m perfect” asshole.

Taurus: You’re Too Stubborn For Your Good

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You are as inflexible as a surfboard, and you stand your ground as stubbornly as a tree stump. This can be a good thing in that it signals to others that you aren’t a weak pushover. But in your steadfast refusal to compromise, sometimes you make life more difficult for yourself, not to mention everyone around you. That’s why, even once, you should step out of your comfort zone and strike a deal with someone. Go 50-50 with them. Find a happy medium. You’ll be glad you did.

Gemini: You Can’t Get Over Past Trauma

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It’s easy for you to admit when others have wronged you, but it’s almost impossible for you to admit when you’ve wronged yourself. And the major way you wrong yourself is that you dwell on past traumas—emphasis on “past.” You regret dating that person. Or taking that job. You run over the specifics of what went wrong again and again, wondering what would have been different if you had acted differently or made a different decision. But again—the past cannot be changed. Only your attitude toward the past can change. So deal with it, process it, confront everything you’ve been avoiding about it, then wrap it all in a little box and toss it into the sea.

Cancer: You Can Be An Emotional Basket Case

As the weepiest water sign of them all, you are widely regarded as the most emotional sign in the zodiac. This can be a good thing…as long as the emotions are positive, such as empathy or kindness. But it can also be a bad thing when you let your emotions get the best of you and you wind up being too angry or vindictive. There’s nothing wrong with having emotions, but it starts to be a problem when people see you as “emotional.” No one likes a drama queen.

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Leo: You Can Be An Attention Whore 

A fire sign ruled by the sun and symbolized by the Lion, you are a shimmering example of an extrovert who draws people in with your magnetism. But you are not as confident as you’d like to think you are, and especially as you’d like others to think you are. At its base, your need for attention is rooted in insecurity. You need an entire moving company to help fit your ego into the room. Just admit that you need attention or validation from others.

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Virgo: People Don’t Expect You to Be Perfect

You tend to be the most perfectionistic and detail-oriented sign in the zodiac, which is a virtue in a world of sloppy, lazy, careless people. But think about that for a moment—you strive to make everything perfect in a world where people might not expect, or even realize, perfection. You need to understand what is meant by the old saying, “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Why take ten hours to finish a project when you could do it in five hours, and none of these half-awake dimwits would notice the difference?

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Libra: You’re Afraid Of Conflict 

Your most prominent feature, and one that is almost universally recognized by others, is that you seek balance and harmony in everything you do. There’s nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that it makes you less assertive than you often need to be. People will see your innate fairness and mistake it for weakness. You need to realize that not everyone…let me correct that, hardly anyone…will be as fair to you in return. Every once in a while, it’s worth it to get into an argument with some scrub who didn’t expect you to bite back. Don’t overdo it, but you need to draw boundaries.

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Scorpio: When Someone Has Hurt You 

As an emotional water sign ruled by the warrior planet Mars, you seek out victims in relationships like a big-game hunter stalks animal heads they can stuff and put on their wall like trophies. But sooner or later, you wind up the victim, which doesn’t fit the script. You are supposed to be the player, the seductress, the one who hurts others. But every so often, someone hurts you, and it wounds your pride to admit it. You’ll say you’re “fine,” and that it’s only a little boo-boo on your fingertip when in reality, you’ve suffered a deep flesh wound and are gushing blood. If you admit you’ve been hurt, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the wound starts to heal.

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Sagittarius: Being “Brave” Has Backfired On You

Being a fire sign has made you bold and even impulsive. Being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, has made you so bold that you are often too fearless. These traits have made you the zodiac’s great daredevil, the one most willing to dive off cliffs or drive motorcycles through flaming hoops. You like taking risks—which is fine, it’s part of your charm—but you don’t like admitting when taking those risks has backfired on you. There’s a reason that they’re called risks in the first place. It’s because they’re risky.

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Capricorn: Failure 

An Earth sign ruled by Saturn, the “responsible” planet, you are the most hard-working, detail-oriented, conscientious sign on the block. You will give 110% toward any project. This is why it’s so painful to admit when you’ve fallen short of your goals. As the saying goes, “There’s no use crying over spilled milk.” Everyone fails. It’s part of being human. By trying to always be superhuman, you wind up cheating yourself. Knock it off! Acknowledge the failure and then move on.

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Aquarius: Sometimes You Need Help From Others 

As the most independent zodiac sign, you like to do things your way. You almost take it as an insult if someone wants to help you or to offer advice. You take great pride in your independence and hate the thought of having to depend on others. But the thing is that most people who know you would love to help you. You’re busy enough trying to save the world, so why would you expect yourself to know everything about how to fix a leaky faucet? Call a friend and ask them if they know how to do it. You’d make your life a lot easier if you knew how to ask for help without feeling embarrassed.

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Pisces: You Daydream Too Much

You are known for being spiritual emotional empathic and even a little mystical from time to time. As a result, you often get lost in a dream world and sometimes lose your path in the real world. Yes, there are other worlds out there. There are unexplored dimensions. There is an all-consuming consciousness that some refer to as “God.” It’s noble to pursue these things, but not when you have to pay off an overdue traffic ticket by 5 PM or face being arrested. Try to limit your daydreaming to one hour a day.

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