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What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect Before 11/22

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With the start of Sagittarius season on November 22nd and the lingering energy of Mars and Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Libra, we are all feeling energetic for something (and someone) new and optimistic about what’s to come into our lives.

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This is what each zodiac sign can expect on or before 11/22:


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Pay more attention to the power dynamic you have in your relationships. With the Scorpio and Libra energy, you’re feeling more inclined to develop your emotional bonds and confront your fears head-on. Ask yourself: how do I relate emotionally to others?


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With the Venus in Libra energy, you’re facing some positive changes in your love life. You’re accepting the fact that maybe being stubborn isn’t the best way to get the things you want, and so you’re learning to let go.


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You’re finally letting go of all the toxic relationships in your life and welcoming healthier, better ones. In fact, your energy is inviting and it’s attracting new opportunities in love. Take a moment to ground yourself and remind yourself that everything happens for a reason.


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You might be feeling a bit more introspective and sensitive during this time. You’re working on communicating your boundaries and expressing your needs for once because you know that if you continue to not speak up about what you want, you’re going to continue feeling misunderstood.


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You’re already an incredibly passionate and vibrant individual, but with Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, you’re feeling extra confident. Move through the world with the expectation that you will get everything you desire, but more specifically, better relationships, financial independence, and a strong career.


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You have great communication skills and typically you go for surface-level conversations, but with the Socprio energy in the air, you’re feeling inclined to have deeper, more vulnerable conversations. Embrace the discomfort because in doing so, you will ultimately strengthen and deepen your connections.


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On 11/22, you can expect the harmonious energy of angel number 222 to be your confirmation that you are indeed on the right path toward positive beginnings. You’re no longer sweeping things under the rug and instead, finally letting go of the bad and making space for the good.


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You are, of course, feeling major shifts in your life and your relationships. You’re taking better care of yourself now and that confidence in who you are and what you want emits such a beautiful energy to you. Trust in this transformative journey you’re on.


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Welcome to your season! You’re on a high and things are going so well for you in love that you’re feeling wildly optimistic about the future of your relationships. Not only that, but you’re finally feeling confident and safe enough to have meaningful, sometimes difficult conversations.


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You’re not typically one to prioritize relationships when you see the greater value in your career, finances, and home life. But with the energy of Sagittarius, you’re feeling inspired to explore life. Like, for real this time. You’re making an effort and remaining hopeful and patient, and that’s all that can be asked of you.


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You’re known to be quite emotionally detached and that can leave the people in your life feeling unappreciated or neglected. The energy of Venus in Libra and Mercury in Scorpio is urging you to be more vulnerable. You’re meant to be on this uncomfortable path of learning how to communicate your feelings, so don’t be afraid.


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The Venus in Libra energy is giving you the opportunity to be more rational and less emotional. You’re learning how to embrace intellectual and practical pursuits rather than emotional ones. Your relationships and friendships will prosper, so long as you communicate and keep your feet on the ground

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