Zodiac Signs

What Each Zodiac Can Do To Prepare For 2024

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Aries needs to clean out their car. They are so organized in every other aspect of their life, but their trunk is full of things they decided to donate years ago and have never taken care of. It’s time to cross this final item off of their list and start 2024 with a clean slate.

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Taurus needs to read a book. Not a blog, not a magazine, not an audiobook. A real book. Something with substance and grit and meaning. Something that gets under their skin and gets them thinking, long after they’ve made it from one cover to the next.

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Cancer has to decide this is the year. Stop kicking the can down the road, to some undisclosed date where there is more time, more money, more practicality in doing whatever it is their heart desires. Now is exactly the right time. Not too soon, or too late.

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Gemini can pour themselves a glass of wine and draw a bath. Every year is such a grind, and although they wouldn’t have it any other way, it takes its toll just the same. A little pick me up before breaking in the new calendar will give them a fresh mindset.

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Leo needs to listen to their gut. To their own common sense. They are too often on the receiving end of people trying to sound like they know what they’re talking about, of unsolicited advice. To start the year off right, they need to know their own trustworthiness.

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Virgo needs to let go of that one grudge they’ve been holding onto longer than a dog with a tug rope. Clean slates and good energy are what will propel them into 2024 looking and feeling their best. Haters do not exist if forgotten.

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Libra needs to rip off the training wheels. Whatever they’ve been uncertain about diving into headfirst will end up throwing them into the deep end if they don’t take the plunge first. Say yes. Fail often. Figure out how to do it better next time.

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Sagittarius needs to eat more carbs. Go for walks because they’re fun, not because it’s good exercise. Sleep in. Use the dry shampoo. Treat themselves more gently than they have in years past. The little things are not going to topple the huge strides you’ve made.

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Scorpio needs to do the scary thing. Ask questions. Lean in. Don’t be afraid to show interest. It’s going to be rewarded, and won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard. The world is ready to see you give your full one-hundred percent.

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Capricorn needs to spill the beans. You’re allowed one person you tell everything to, even the things you promised never to repeat. You’ve been keeping so much bottled up, an outlet will allow you to decompress and finally self-soothe.

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Aquarius needs to treat themselves. Milestones can be marked in a number of ways, but a really nice purchase is something you’ll never regret. When you look back on this gift to yourself, you’ll remember this feeling of accomplishment and pride and use it to motivate yourself through the hard times.

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Pisces needs to get a grip. The sky isn’t falling. Doomsday is not upon them, or us, or anyone, and nothing bad is going to happen if they push that project back a few days. This time, the problem is truly bigger in your head. Just wait for the clarity 2024 will bring.

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