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Today we will find out what are the zodiac signs that do not get along with Scorpio. Here is the ranking of the first two: find out if there is also your zodiac sign

Not everyone knows that certain behavior can depend on the zodiac sign they belong to. Today we will talk about the zodiac signs that do not get along with Scorpio, those that are best found with people born under other signs. We will find out together which are the first two in this curious ranking.

Everyone manifests their character differently. There are those who show their strengths or weaknesses more and who, on the contrary, tend to hide them. It is a question of habits and culture. The zodiac signs can interfere with these kinds of choices or behaviors. And that’s exactly what we want to find out today.

Today we will find out which are the zodiac signs that do not get along with Scorpio. Here is the ranking of the first two.

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The zodiac signs that don’t get along with Scorpio

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Scorpio is one of those signs with which it is not at all easy to get along. There is a need to come into close trust with people of this sign before they can truly trust. This process can be complicated at times. Let’s see what are the two signs with which Scorpio can not get along at all.

The incompatible signs: Scorpio and Leo

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The poor compatibility between two signs of the zodiac often depends on the characteristics of each of them. Scorpio has a hard time accepting Leo‘s too much independence. For this reason, particularly heavy discussions can often arise with people of this sign. Both signs can be inflexible and, as a result, too proud to be in a relationship.

Scorpio and Aquarius are like dogs and cat

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The other sign that Scorpio doesn’t get along well with is Aquarius. Relationships between these two signs are difficult both in friendship and in love. Especially in romantic relationships, people born under these two signs may soon tire of each other. Scorpio has a hard time getting along with this air sign, there is no feeling and it is unlikely that a good relationship can be born with an Aquarius person. Plus, people born under the sign of Aquarius are too lazy for the ambitious Scorpio.

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