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What are the most insecure zodiac signs in love

What are the most insecure zodiac signs in love? Let’s find out right away thanks to our today’s horoscope ranking. (Aren’t you there too?)

There are people who, especially in love, do not mind taking what they want, from whom they want.
Afraid of rejection? Afraid of looking ridiculous? Or, finally, fear of not being paid? They have never heard of it.

Apart from Superman and the Superwomen of love, there are the rest of us: calm, shy, and sometimes a little insecure. However, a little bit of chills or fear that the other person may not have the same feelings as us is part of the game, isn’t it?
Finally, let’s get to the opposite extreme of the question: let’s find out what the zodiac signs are that doesn’t matter how long they are married: they will always be insecure about romantic relationships!

The most insecure zodiac signs in love: is your boyfriend in today’s horoscope chart?

Who hasn’t felt insecure in love?
Although it is precisely the characteristic of true love to make us feel safe and not make us doubt the other person’s feelings for us, we have all been afraid that our partner does not love us.

There are people, however, who can not help but wonder, constantly, even if your partner of the long date you love or have ever loved them.

Who I am? Ah but simply the most insecure zodiac signs in love in the whole horoscope!
Let’s find out immediately which are the top five in the ranking: if your partner is there you already know you have to arm yourself with patience and have to work hard to make them feel loved.
After all, if they are in the rankings, it means that they are afraid of the very fact that you will never love them enough!

Virgo: fifth place

Rigid? Of course. Fussy? Absolutely. Always accurate, manicured, fantastic, and to the max, every day of their life? The answer is still and always yes: those born under the sign of Virgo are truly self-confident people who are not afraid of anything.

The Virgin earns fifth place for it in our list of the most insecure in love horoscope zodiac signs because behind their ” armor ” hides a soul often insecure. The Virgin is like that: he is afraid of the feelings (his and others) and not believed to know how to manage. Often in love, they are grumpy but it’s all because of their insecurity, we assure you!

Pisces: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Pisces would perhaps deserve a place higher in this ranking. What can you do about it, there are many other zodiac signs insecure in love that surpass Pisces!

Those born under this sign are, in fact, people who are decidedly lovers of love who, unfortunately, often get stuck in decidedly demeaning mechanisms and thoughts. Although they are almost always highly desired people, Pisces end up demeaning precisely because of their insecurity in love. They are never sure that others really love them and often end up ruining everything!

Taurus: third place

Does he love me or does he not love me? If you were born under the sign of Taurus you have mutilated an infinite number of daisies, haven’t you?
If the courts of the country tremble beneath your step, know that your partners, your friends, and your family would rather tell you that just can not escape from you.

Dear Taurus, your insecurity is the result of your ( constant ) search for improvement and improvement. By dint of asking if you’re up to the other, however, often forget to consider whether they are to your height! Here, often, the Taurus end up stuck in relationships with mediocre people, who manage to keep them in check due to the insecurity in the love of the Taurus. Rebel!

Libra: second place

Is there anyone more insecure than Libras in love? (The answer is “yes” since I’m only in second place on our list today!).
The Libra is a sign that you absolutely can not peacefully take love or emotional relationships.

Although they often feign great confidence, people born under this sign are the most insecure of all!
They are afraid that someone will take them away from them if they are engaged or that friends and family may prefer another person.

This is why Libras are often wildly exaggerated people, who tread the hand and who try in every way to earn your affection.
No wonder, then, if once you have earned you bring extremely on the defensive!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of the most insecure zodiac signs in love

Dear Cancerians, while your top spot on our horoscope chart today shouldn’t surprise you, you have to admit it.
You know how to be truly insecure in love!
You are always looking for the great love, the one with a capital A, and, often, you wonder if you have found it.

This way of doing and being of yours means that, during relationships, you constantly ask yourself if others think like you.
Are you your partner’s great love? Will he also ask himself every day? Your doubts are tripled infinitely and fear rises.

Those born under the sign of Cancer are usually very loving people, however, often end up ” pulling too much rope “.
This is their way of making sure you are in love with them – they absolutely cannot behave indifferently due to their insecurity in love!

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