Zodiac Signs

What 2024 Has Shown Each Zodiac

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Aries has learned to express themselves in a completely new way. How to cut through all the filler and get right to the heart of what they are feeling and trying to communicate to the people who matter most. They’ve learned to trust that the right people will always listen.

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Taurus has learned to save for a rainy day this year. In the past it’s felt like everything in this world is so uncertain, they might as well spend what they have while they have it, but 2024 has been about establishing a financial stability that allows them to spend when they need to without worry.

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Gemini has learned to delineate what is private and precious to them, and not allow the demands, wants, or needs of others to completely derail their own hopes and aspirations. There is a polite way to say “no”, and moments where it is absolutely appropriate.

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This year has shown Cancer what it’s like to be truly appreciated. To have someone who is consistent and dedicated to them in their corner. After maintaining their own confidence through disappointment so long, it’s a relief to be at such ease in a stable relationship.

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Leo has learned that relationships are so much more than picture perfect dates and exciting chemistry. It’s who is going to cook dinner, do the laundry, organize the plans for the weekend. Learning to navigate the division of labor and share the burden of adult responsibilities has made them appreciate their partner in a whole new way.

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Virgo has learned to eat their words in 2024. The thing they said “absolutely no, never” to in years past has become a part of their present reality. And the lesson is that it’s less about sticking to your guns, and more about finding a way to participate in the world that feel authentic to you.

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Libra has learned that there are things we get really used to, like jobs or apartments, that can change in an instant. Sometimes it helps to think of these things as transient, so we don’t become attached to them to the same degree as the thing which truly belong to us.

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Scorpio has come into their own this year. After years of struggling through challenges that left their egos bruised and confidence dwindling, they’ve finally pushed past the mental puberty that came with growing pains all its own, and emerged into their butterfly era. Even they can’t help admire what they’ve become.

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Sagittarius has learned that dreams come true in practical ways. The lofty aspirations that Sagittarius had all but given up on came true in a way that required consistent effort and commitment. It’s not as glamorous as their daydreams, but it’s a reality they are more proud of because of the grind that goes with it.

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Capricorn has learned that change is more often positive than negative, and their wild imaginations jumping to the worst possible conclusions can’t be readily trusted. If Capricorn let these impulses guide their every decision, they’d miss out on the best things life brought their way this year. It’s about learning to wait and trust that the unknown doesn’t equate to disaster.

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Aquarius has found guidance in places they weren’t originally expecting it to come from. Some of the best mentors aren’t the people we ask for help from, but the people who graciously appear in our lives in a time of distress willing to give us that assistance out of the goodness of their heart. That generosity is something Aquarius has the responsibility to pay forward in the future.

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Pisces has learned the value of their own ideas this year. They’ve found the confidence to pitch, to consult, to create, and seen the fruits of their mental labor generate revenue whether they’re self-employed or representing a larger company. Their eyes have been opened to the fact that they are much more than the task rabbit they thought they were.

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