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What 2024 Concert You Need To See This Year, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Metallica

Aries, your sign is always craving something new and exciting. If you don’t enjoy an adrenaline-filled concert this year, you’re doing something wrong. Metallica’s concerts are definitely made for the brave and the bold only (well, at least if you’re planning on heading to the pit) but the rush from this kind of concert probably can’t be beat for you, Aries. It’ll give you something to look forward to in 2024 (and something unique to remember later on).

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Taurus: Adele

Taurus, you’re all about emotional connection and tradition—so of course Adele’s concert is absolutely where you need to be this year. Her heartfelt lyrics will prove more than meaningful to you, giving you an authentic concert that you can really enjoy. Since you’re a sign that prefers to stay within your comfort zone, an Adele concert will be relaxed enough to give you the chill atmosphere you’re looking for, since her fans aren’t known for getting too intense during a show. Get ready for a soulful night of music that’s practically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you, Taurus.

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Gemini: PinkPantheress + Olivia Rodrigo

Gemini, your versatile and youthful spirit will be captivated (or maybe totally overwhelmed) by the dream duo of 2024, PinkPantheress and Olivia Rodrigo. Not only will you get to hear the dreamy lofi songs opener PinkPantheress has to offer, you’ll also get a night of exciting pop anthems to scream along to with Olivia Rodrigo. Seeing two pop stars at once will probably appeal to you, sign of the twin, and the variety of music the concert has to offer will keep you entertained the entire time.

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Cancer: Hozier

Cancer, you’re a fan of sentimentality. For you, there’s no concert better this year than Hozier: his concerts offer deep, poetic lyrics, haunting melodies, and the literal voice of an angel. You’re an emotional sign who often uses music to help you guide your feelings; whether you process a bad day by listening to sad songs or allow your playlist to change your mood, Hozier is going to be a life-changing experience for you. Prepare to walk away from his concert feeling like a different person.

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Leo: Taylor Swift

Leo, Taylor Swift’s concert is an absolute must for you, as it promises the spectacle, heart, and drama that your sign lives for. Not only are Taylor’s concerts an opportunity for you to dress up and sing your heart out, they also give you the flashy, brilliant, yet also heartfelt experience you look for at all your favorite concerts. Even attendees who aren’t hardcore Swifties walk away in awe after one of Taylor’s charismatic concerts, so prepare to be amazed, Leo.

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Virgo: Mitski

Virgo, Mitski’s introspective and rawly honest songs are soul food for you. Not only is Mitski’s music highly unique, her concerts will also appeal to you visually; the artist crafts meaningful dances and movements she performs along with her lyrics. There are endless things for you to analyze and enjoy during Mitski’s concerts, and they’re usually a deeply meaningful experience for much of her audience.

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Libra: Coldplay

Libra, you’re a romantic at heart. This means that you should be getting ready to see Coldplay this year–many of the band’s songs are wistful, meaningful, and often tender. Their shows aren’t just visually stunning–you’ll probably also appreciate the fact that the band is committed to being eco-friendly and actually has the audience help power the energy used on their tour. For you, there’s nothing like the aesthetic balance between meaningful visuals and beautiful music–Coldplay’s tour is where you’ll find that.

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Scorpio: Foo Fighters

Scorpio, your intensity finds its match in the Foo Fighters’ 2024 tour. Known for their powerful, emotionally charged performances, the Foo Fighters practically define the depth and resilience that mean so much to your sign. For you, concerts can be cathartic–not only does it give you the ability to connect with others through music, but a night of live music can also be a way to reflect on yourself, too. There’s no better concert for you than the authentic but ultra-exciting Foo Fighters tour.

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Sagittarius: Nicki Minaj

Not only is the queen of rap herself a Sagittarius, there’s literally no better way for you to enjoy 2024 than by joining a huge crowd of Barbz and BAPS to celebrate at one of the most anticipated tours of the year. Nicki’s concerts are fun, energetic, and are pretty much guaranteed to give you one of your favorite adventures of 2024. If you’re looking for a concert that is basically one huge feel-good party, your inner optimist will appreciate the PINK FRIDAY 2 tour.

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Capricorn: The Rolling Stones

Capricorn, what better concert to go to this year than one that’s literally timeless? You’re a lover of tradition and appreciate dedication to excellence–whether that be your own or someone else’s–which is basically a summary of The Rolling Stones’ entire career. Even your hard-working self will appreciate the chance to take a break for a night and enjoy music straight from the instruments of musical legends.

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Aquarius: Green Day

Aquarius, of course your concert match this year would be Green Day’s tour. The band is known for their social commentary and punk ethos, which is perfect for you, the most rebellious sign in the entire zodiac. Plus, a concert isn’t much to you if it’s not full of energy and life; you’ll probably head straight for the pit with this one, Aquarius.

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Pisces: Noah Kahan

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Pisces, what better concert to go to this year than Noah Kahan’s introspective and heartfelt We’re All Here Together tour? Not only is his concert both a soothing and soulful experience, but it’ll also give you the opportunity to feel intimately connected to the other audience members (most of whom will be loudly singing along). For you, a concert is an opportunity to appreciate how a group of people can share an emotional experience together, and a Noah Kahan concert is definitely going to give you that.

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