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What A Weird Thing You Never Miss Out Of Your Bag, According To Your Zodiac Sign

A woman’s bag is full of things, some of them totally useless and strange!

Some zodiac signs carry their whole life in their bag, others carry items they never use, and yet they can’t give them up. Whether it’s a hairbrush or a pet photo, the principle of some is to be prepared for anything.

What weird thing are you carrying in your bag?


A bag of chips. You’re always on the run, so it’s not out of the question to have a bag of chips or various snacks accidentally thrown in your bag. Also, try not to eat so fast!

Thermal water. As a true daughter of Venus, you always try to look good.In addition, thermal water is a must-have for your skin and you will do anything to keep it glowing. Dental floss


No one knows this, but you and the Virgin have more in common than you think. Also, no one likes to have food left between their teeth, so the floss is not missing from your bag.


Wet wipes for children. You have a routine that you don’t deviate from. You always like to be fresh, and baby wipes help you in extreme situations. Sometimes you also use them to remove makeup.


Evidence for blackmail. 
You don’t want to be silly, which is why you constantly keep detailed evidence wherever you go. That’s in case you ever need it!


Admit it, you’re obsessed with hygiene. In addition, you do a lot of work every day to stay fresh and healthy.


A vintage amulet. 
You love all that is beautiful, and family memories are very important to you. It’s pretty funny, but that’s what you carry in your bag most of the time, close to your heart.


An astrology book. You are drawn to the mystical realm and are obsessed with secrets.

That’s why you carry an astrology book in your bag, in case you want to unravel a mystery.


Sleep mask. Whether you’re visiting your friends or traveling as usual, a sleeping mask is always a must for you.


Self Defense Spray. 
You don’t trust people, it’s simple! Because of this, preparation is essential for you and you like to plan everything in advance, even if the scenario you are doing is exaggerated.


Gift Cards. Whether you collect them or want to be ready at any time in case you need to make a gift, it is certain that there are many gift cards in your bag, empty or full.


A magazine with puzzles and integrals. Despite your dreamy and enigmatic appearance, you get bored quickly and try to find solutions to have fun in one way or another.
You like words, so you choose games like this to have an occupation.

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