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If you are one of the most distracted zodiac signs of the horoscope there is a good chance that you … have already forgotten it!

You take the house keys but you forget your cell phone , put on your hat but you can’t find your sunglasses anymore.
Hey, it’s not our fault and not even the clouds that flow across the sky: you’re super distracted !
Instead, it could be the fault of stars and planets that today have helped us to define the ranking of the horoscope of signs …  scordarelli .
How about: let’s check if you are there too?

The most distracted zodiac signs of the horoscope: here is today’s ranking

You can’t really do anything about it – it seems like there’s only room in your brain for a certain amount of information !

No, no, we didn’t mean to offend you or even say you’re a fool: we just meant that if you remember one thing… well, you forget another!
In fact, at the same moment in which you are reading these words, a doubt is already coming to you:  what have you forgotten today?
The house keys ? The wallet ? The mask ? Did you remove the clothes hanging from the last washing machine from the drying rack … two days ago?

Don’t worry, it might (might) not be your fault.
Today, in fact, let’s talk about the most distracted zodiac signs of the horoscope : what stars and planets have to do with your complete lack of… memories?

Cancer: fifth place

Although those born under the sign of Cancer are people who often boast of remembering everything (or, better said, of tying everything to the finger since they are also in the ranking of zodiac signs that always carry a grudge ) the truth is another.

Cancers are just forget -me- nots ! They always look for something in their bag and forget notebooks, pens, water bottles and often even the phone lying around. Fortunately, they often manage to get everything back but how hard it is to be a Cancer !

Taurus: fourth place

Taurus are also people who, often and willingly, do not forget things. Actually, no, let’s explain it better: Taurus are people who forget that they have forgotten something and, therefore, believe they are always “on the spot”!

Taurus are people who, when they want to, can be extremely organized, capable, and impossible to put in trouble .
Too bad they have a really confused relationship with their personal items or with some appointments and dates they prefer to forget !

Sagittarius: third place

Sagittarius is another example of our ranking of the most distracted zodiac signs in the whole horoscope .
It is not so much about being people who do not think or who do not have as much time as it is about being… simply somewhere else!

Sagittarians often get distracted simply because they aren’t very interested in what’s going on or what’s around them .
We have often said that Sagittarius are particularly independent people, little connected to the affairs of others or concrete that revolve around them. They live their life without problems, often forgetting even important pieces !

Pisces: second place

Dear Pisces , we put you in second place in today’s ranking but you have to admit one thing.

You Pisces are truly forgetful , this is true, but more than once you have used this excuse to get out of your way or to do something that did not suit you.
Hey, nothing wrong with that (more or less). You Pisces are people who often forget things, dates or people but never do it with real nastiness.
You soon learned, however, that if you look forgetful always and in any case, you can also have some small advantages. In fact, no one ever takes it out on you Pisces … or almost!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of the most distracted zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

Dear Gemini , we had to get you to the top of the chart of the most distracted zodiac signs in the horoscope, right?
You Gemini are very good at forgetting : a little because you are distracted by yourselves and a little because you work hard to make an impression … forgetful!

You find that being able to always hide behind the excuse of ” I didn’t remember ” or ” I slipped my mind ” is perfect.
You can do whatever you want (or almost) completely undisturbed and also add a certain air of “weirdness” to your Gemini aura that you certainly don’t mind at all.
You are the most distracted of the horoscope because you are  truly forgetful but we all know that you tread your hand to seem particular (more than you already are), funny and to avoid all possible consequences !

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