Zodiac Signs

This way, every zodiac sign keeps you close without being tied to you

This way, your partner could create an illusion of commitment according to their zodiac sign.

Even if you do not believe in astrology, it is likely that you have come across the concept of the zodiac sign at least a few times in your life.

Although not supported by modern science, it has attracted millions of people around the world, believers and non-believers alike.

We probably know how the horoscope affects our immediate future, but we don’t know how these signs affect relationships differently.

There are people who pretend to be involved in a relationship but are looking for an opportunity to defraud their partner.

Like everyone else, these presumptuous people are bound to their respective planets and zodiac signs. And their individual zodiac signs determine how they successfully play their dirty game.

1. Aries

In order to win your heart, people in the zodiac sign Aries often make jokes and funny sayings. They behave silly, take snapshots of them and send them to you for fun.

In essence, they’re trying to hide their treacherous side by making you laugh so you think they’re innocent guys who just want to make you laugh.

2. Bull

Since the bull is a down-to-earth character, he tries to be a good friend. He will not only be close to you, but also to your friends and possibly your family members.

Bulls pretend to value earthly relationships and feelings by maintaining supportive words and spiritual ties. But that’s just a show. Inside, they are always looking for opportunities.

3rd twins

Twins are playing with promises. They obviously don’t hold them, but they are somehow able to convince you, believe in them, and trust them. Your promises are hollow.

Another thing they do is that they constantly surround themselves with other people. You will never be alone with them. They will always try to surround themselves with as many people as possible while you are together so that you cannot uncover their lies.

4. Cancer

Crayfish are emotional carriers that gain advantages through feelings and psychological states. They show you how scarred they are inside.

They’ll send you drunken lyrics that tell you how painful their days are. They will moan about their suffering so that you feel sorry for them. But don’t fall for it!

It is just an attempt to gain sympathy. The illusion they create is pretty convincing. You really start to develop feelings for them. But in the end everything is part of the same plan.

5. Lion

Lions, as their signs suggest, tend to build an aura of decency and respect. They will prove helpful and generous to you.

Whenever you need them, they will always show up and be ready to help you. They will show you how valuable you are to them and how much you mean to them.

The mask of decency that they wear successfully hides the real face underneath. This is one of those zodiac signs, the deception of which is very difficult to see.

6. Virgin

Virgins play dangerous psychological games. They use the hot and cold method of emotional maneuvering. You are pushed into the mental conflict to decide whether the person you are interacting with really loves you or not.

You will feel like you are facing a riddle. They push you to your tolerance level and then suddenly play caring if you choose to continue.

This back and forth is what they enjoy most, regardless of the emotional stress that the partner is exposed to.

7. Libra

On the other hand, while good scales seek to balance the positive aspects of life, opportunists tend to balance their plans.

Scales are masterful schemers who know how to maintain a surprising emotional balance. They introduce you to their family members, friends and relatives as if you were their priority.

This way you will go blind so that you will not be able to see her real face underneath. Your attempt to balance things far exceeds everyone’s capacity.

8. Scorpio

As a sign of the zodiac, the scorpion is the most mysterious. Scorpions show little to no trace of their original self.

They are masters at hiding the truth in the dark and can trick people into falling into their trap. While they don’t want to commit themselves, they make sure that others dedicate themselves to them.

They are so passionate that once someone has tasted the cup of their love, they would like to spend their whole lives serving the Scorpio. They use their charming and mysterious nature to lure others into the illusion of devotion.

9. Sagittarius

The shooters themselves are committed phobics, but they are very adept at flirting. They use their cheerful nature to make false promises of a happy and secure future. People don’t see the farce in them because they think this stubbornness is determination.

What your partners believe to be a hard-working, determined person who works for their future together turns out to be an egocentric and ambitious person who only thinks about their own success.


The ibex is very hardworking, determined and ambitious. For him, work is above everything else. He deliberately chooses a lifestyle and a partner to support him in his endeavors. To achieve this success, he sometimes uses his partner as a resource.

The partner, on the other hand, continues to believe in the ibex because it feeds its partners with affection, just to make sure they continue to give them the support and affection they need to move forward in life.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius lacks emotional openness, which makes them seem unapproachable. He resists emotional pain and therefore detests the idea of ​​a steady relationship.

The Aquarians, who are naturally moody, would choose a one-night stand for a steady relationship at any time.

Therefore, it is not necessary for them to create the illusion of false romantic devotion. You just don’t want to get involved in all of this.

12. Pisces

Pisces are slowly committing to a romantic relationship. Fish are extremely sensitive, sensitive and considerate of other people’s feelings.

The optimistic fish love living in the fantasy world more than being overwhelmed by reality.

It is precisely this characteristic that causes them to make false promises of future prospects, which they often use as a means of giving their partner a fake feeling of security, while they remain carefree themselves.

But don’t forget, even after all this, these fish people are not the devil you think they are.

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