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Update: The 4 Zodiacs Who Put the Most Effort Into Their Relationships

ARIES (3/21 – 4/19)

If anyone ever wrongs you, and there’s an Aries in your life, perpetrators beware. Whoever crosses you crosses them. Whoever has beef with you now has beef with an Aries. They don’t even need to know the details to stand firmly by your side. When it comes to their friends and lovers, an Aries is like NATO. A commitment made is a commitment kept. There’s no question as to what it will cost them or what kind of trouble they could get into—showing up for the people they care about is just second nature. It goes beyond making sure whoever hurts you doesn’t walk away unscathed—an Aries will always be there to make sure you’re okay in the aftermath. They can be acutely in tune to the emotional needs of others and won’t disappear once the heat of the moment has cooled. Just because they’re not scared off by conflict doesn’t mean they go looking for it either. An Aries isn’t enticed by the excitement of your drama, they genuinely don’t want you to feel alone in a time of need.

CANCER (6/21 – 7/22)

A Cancer is everybody’s rock. People mistake their tough exterior for a front, but they’re really just that strong. The things they’ve seen and lived through have prepared them to deal with life’s heaviest moments, as well those of their closest loved ones. A Cancer is the friend or partner who can stand firmly by your side when others feel awkward, timid, or just don’t know what to say or how to console you. They’re the ones who show up to visit in the hospital, attend every funeral (including pet funerals), and lend a hand when someone loses a job. They never judge anyone for having baggage and are the ones constantly lifting up those around them. Their secret power is the ability to make their reassuring presence known without being too much or coming off as fake. They know there are moments in life where too much positivity is unwelcome, but having someone else around at least means you’re not alone. They do it all without asking for so much as a thank you, which sometimes goes overlooked in the hustle and bustle of a crisis.

SCORPIO (10/23 – 11/21)

Scorpios are the sign that flies under the radar. The ones always making Herculean efforts for their relationships while no one is looking. It’s always about others, never about them. They feel their loved ones deserve effort that goes above and beyond, but don’t want to seem like they’re looking for praise or trying to show off. What people don’t realize about them is how much pressure they feel to not disappoint the people closest to them. Their biggest fear is upsetting their parents or their partner, and it causes them to set extremely high standards for themselves. Because of this, they don’t take entering into new relationships lightly. When they do, they know exactly what they’re signing up for: nothing less than sincere devotion and dedication. For a Scorpio, it’s all about quality over quantity. They will surprise you with a sentimental gesture when you least expect it, and nothing about how they operate is performative. It takes a lot out of them to wear their feelings on their sleeve, so it’s crucial to treat their sensitive natures gently.

SAGITTARIUS (11/22 – 12/21)

A Sagittarius will sometimes put in more effort than they should. They’re the sign that will continue to love someone from afar, no matter how unrealistic the odds of things working out are. When a Sagittarius finds that unique human being who just does it for them, all sense of self-preservation flies out the window. There is no ego, no fear of embarrassment, that can keep them from going out on a limb to give the relationship a chance. The object of a Sagittarius’ affection becomes their muse, and they will fixate on every facet of that person’s personality and every cherished memory with them until they become woven into the fabric of their own personal mythology. Every Don Quixote needs their Dulcinea. And so a Sagittarius will carry someone in their heart no matter what corners of the earth life takes them to. There will be no sights interesting enough, no food delicious enough, no sounds beautiful enough to make them forget their desire for this particular person. They will live in a Sagittarius’ imagination until their luck turns the tide, and it will simply feel like carrying a piece of them around wherever they go.

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