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Update: 4 Zodiacs Who Are Scared To Ask Their Partners For More

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You deserve a partner who makes you feel loved and appreciated. A partner who puts effort into making you happy, even once you’ve been together for years and years. You should never settle for less than the best, but sometimes, improving the relationship can feel intimidating. Especially when you don’t want to push your partner away. Here are the zodiacs who are scared to ask their partner for more:

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Once you get attached to a partner, you won’t want to consider the possibility of breaking up. And you don’t want your partner to consider it either, which is why you will pretend problems don’t actually exist. You don’t want to risk chasing your person away by asking for more. You’re worried that if you admit how you’re feeling, it’s going to start a fight. And that fight could snowball into the end of the relationship. But you deserve to have your opinions heard. And if this person couldn’t care less about your needs or accuses you of asking for too much, they aren’t the right one for you. Your forever person would want you to be honest with them. If you’re not honest, then how is the relationship ever going to grow?

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You feel guilty asking for more because you don’t want to cause any conflict. After all, things are okay right now. They’re manageable. They’re not terrible. But those are all complicated ways to admit that you’re settling. And you deserve so much more than the bare minimum. You deserve a relationship where you can speak openly and honestly about what you want and need from your partner. Expressing your feelings shouldn’t cause a fight. It shouldn’t push them away. Not if you’re meant to be together.

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You’ve been called greedy before, so you don’t want to ask your partner for too much. But chances are, your requests are perfectly reasonable. Even if they aren’t, you could come to a compromise with your partner that will make you both happier in the end. Either way, shutting your emotions up inside is only going to lead to resentment further down the road. Problems can’t be fixed unless you point them out and work toward changing them, so if you really cared about this relationship, the best thing to do in the long-run is to talk things through. Work together as a team to make your bond even stronger.

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Even though you have complaints about the relationship, you don’t want to bring them up and accidentally make your partner feel bad about themselves. Although it’s sweet that you care so much about their feelings, they should be able to have hard conversations with you. And it’s not like you need to insult them to get your point across. You can phrase your concerns in a way that breaks the news gently. You can make it clear that you still love them and want to be with them, but that you would like to change a few things. Relationships aren’t meant to stay stagnant, so there’s nothing wrong with wanting to do things a little differently moving forward.

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