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UPDATE: 3 Zodiacs Who Are Always Worried About Getting Cheated On

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Some zodiacs are going to feel comfortable in relationships right away because they have faith in their ability to pick the right person. But other zodiacs spend a lot of time worrying that they’re going to end up with their heart broken. Here are some signs who are pretty paranoid that they’re going to get cheated on, regardless of the way their partner treats them in the relationship:

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Taurus, you have been hurt a thousand times before – and you don’t want to get burned again. You move uber slow in relationships because you need to know that this person can be trusted. You need to know that you aren’t making a mistake by letting them into your heart. You are scared of getting cheated on because you are the type of person who grows deeply attached in relationships. When you start dating someone, you are serious about them. You are starting to picture a life with them – marriage, kids, the whole nine yards. You can’t stand the thought of getting betrayed by someone that you’ve fallen that hard for, which is why you try to keep your distance for as long as possible, until you’re sure this person is worth the risk.

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Cancer, you are one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. You take every little thing that people say to heart, especially when you are close to them. The thought of getting cheated on by a partner is sickening to you. Losing them would be bad enough. But knowing that they were secretly sneaking behind your back and lying to your face when you thought everything was fine is too much to handle. You are so scared of getting cheated on that you go above and beyond for your partners. You hope that if you treat them perfectly, they won’t hurt you – but unfortunately, you can’t control another person. If someone is going to cheat, nothing you do can change that. It isn’t your fault at all. It’s all on them.

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Scorpio, you’re a huge skeptic and cynic. When someone is treating you well, you assume it’s too good to be true. You start worrying that there’s something you aren’t seeing, that you are getting strung along and don’t even realize it. Since you keep your cards so close to your chest, someone giving you a ton of affection can rub you the wrong way. It can make you wonder whether they have ulterior motives, whether they are trying to get something out of you or are sneaking behind your back. Even though you would love to enter a serious relationship, your trust is hard to earn – and super easy to break. If someone gives you a reason to stop trusting them, you are going to hold a grudge forever. You will have trouble remaining in a relationship once you catch them in a single lie because you’ll be paranoid they’re going to do it again. And you would rather leave than risk staying and getting hurt again.

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