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Hey, aren’t you one of the most serious zodiac signs in the horoscope? If the answer is yes, chances are you … aren’t reading this article!

It would be strange, true, if the most serious person you know was also a real lover of the horoscope.
After all, serious people don’t have time for stars and planets or to read what other zodiac signs do or don’t do … do they? Today, we have decided to take into consideration all those people who are so serious but so serious… that you really can never joke with them! Will you be there in the standings too?

The most serious zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: discover today’s ranking

Being serious, of course, is a particularly important quality in life.
Especially when it comes to dealing with important issues (from working life to relationships with others), a dose of seriousness certainly never hurts.

Too bad that the most serious zodiac signs in the whole horoscope are serious … always!
It’s okay to be people with a certain idea and a certain way of doing things, but in this way you run the risk of exaggerating… isn’t it?
Let’s find out who is in today ‘s horoscope ranking and, above all, if you are there too. (It would really be a surprise, don’t you think?).

Taurus: fifth place

Pleasure first and duty second! Those born under the sign of Taurus know well that if they have even a slight opportunity to transgress and avoid doing what they have to … well, they will take it! For this reason, Taurus are among the most serious signs of the zodiac .

They particularly strive to be serious people, so much so that, sooner or later, they end up becoming so in all respects. Fortunately for the Taurus (and their friends) it doesn’t take much to make them laugh and joke again: just have someone remind them!

Virgo: fourth place

How? Only a fourth place for those born under the sign of Virgo ? But aren’t they absolutely serious and staid people?
Well, the answer is yes since they are, however, in today’s horoscope ranking!

The Virgin , however, is also a sign capable of truly surprising you. They are serious, very serious too, don’t get us wrong. Those born under this sign are capable of accomplishing great things and being serious 95% of the time : the remaining 5%, then, really give themselves over to crazy joy!

Scorpio: third place

Dear Scorpio , of course you are in the ranking of the most serious zodiac signs of the whole horoscope . Nobody works as seriously as you do, do they?
You are particularly calm people, able to concentrate on work without ever thinking about anything else: indeed, if it were up to you you would do just that!

Even if you are serious people, who do not get lost in a lot of nonsense, it is easy for you Scorpio to be able to “go back to childhood” when you are close to the people you love most.
Your seriousness is what you put into your work and personal projects: often, however, others do not understand it and for them it becomes almost a problem to deal with you!

Libra: second place

Hey, Libras don’t mess around. Didn’t you know?
Those born under the sign of Libra are people who love to be kind and condescending to everyone but that… does not mean that they are not serious!

Libra , in fact, particularly likes to be taken seriously so much that, in the end, they automatically become a very serious person.
They are the first to ask and ask not only for respect but also an almost excessive seriousness in everything that needs to be done!

With Libra there are rules and limitations that must be known and put into practice even if, often, it seems to you that they fall from the clouds.
Libra , in fact, is a sign that often tries to be kind to others and this puts others in a position to believe that they are not serious. Big mistake!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most serious zodiac signs of the horoscope

We really hope that Leos aren’t surprised to find themselves so high in today’s horoscope rankings.
In fact, we don’t know anyone who takes themselves as seriously as Leos ! This, of course, translates into one fact only: Leos are particularly serious people!

So much and so serious that it ends up in first place in the ranking of the most serious zodiac signs of the horoscope. Yes, Leo is the most serious sign of all!
If you don’t believe it, you can try joking with Leo about something they take very seriously – you will see the consequences!

The problem with Leos is that their seriousness could be towards pretty much anything. From their last pair of shoes to their writing, we advise you to take everything “with pliers” to avoid driving them mad with rage!
We want to warn you about one thing in particular: Leos are very serious when it comes to Leos themselves. Never joke  about it!

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