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The Type Of Sister You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You want to be the best sister, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

You are very hot-headed, which means you’re very bossy, too.

You want things done your way, so you instruct everyone around on exactly what to do.

This aside, you’re very selfless.

All you really want is what’s best for your sibling; you just don’t take into consideration that sometimes they don’t think the same as you.


You’re a great sister. You’re fun and the responsible one at the same time.

When you know your sibling is up to something, you’ll do the grown-up thing and warn them to watch out and be safe, but you’ll never be the one to spoil the fun.

Your task is to warn them, not ruin everything.

At the same time, you’re loving and kind.

The love you carry in your heart is enormous and you show it every single day.

Your siblings are very lucky to have a sister like you.


Due to your dual nature, your siblings never know what mood you are in today.

Usually, you are the cool sister and no one can take that away from you.

You’ll buy your younger sibling beer without the lecture and you’ll pretend you didn’t see them sneak out of the house.

Although, if you got up on the wrong side of the bed, you are moody.

Luckily, your siblings know how to handle that side of you as well.


You’re the protector. No one is getting hurt – emotionally or physically – on your watch.

Sometimes you can take things a bit too far by being overprotective, but you mean well.

Your connection with your family, especially your siblings, is priceless to you.

You need to keep in touch with them because your family and the love you have for them is one of the most important things in life for you.


No one can touch your siblings while you are alive. You’ll stand up for them any time, any how.

You’ve got their back and you won’t even ask them to explain themselves. Your love for your siblings is blind and unconditional.

You are your sibling’s role model, their cool big sister.

They borrow your clothes and basically do everything you do. You should be proud!


You are a sister who cares. Whenever your siblings need help, you are there for them with a load of advice to give them.

Whether it’s about life, relationships or school, you’ll help them with everything.

Despite this nurturing side of you, you have a side that’s not so nice.

When you want to be alone, you really don’t want anyone to disturb you.

When you need some space, you retreat and you don’t want anyone to intrude.

Try explaining that to your siblings, am I right?


You need to spend time with your siblings because you need to know what is going on in their lives, how they are feeling, or if anything is bothering them.

Harmony is very important to you, that’s why you’re always going to be the peacemaker.

You’re going to try to bring harmony so everything returns to normal.

You hate arguments, so you’ll try your best to avoid such situations or smooth them over.


You fight with your siblings like cats and dogs, but you’re also very protective of them.

Your family means so much to you and you’d do anything to keep them safe.

You’re also very different from your siblings.

You’re always on the go and you can’t understand how they stay so calm like they have no worries in their lives.

Anyhow, despite the fact you bicker all the time, you can’t live without them either.


Okay, wherever you go, you embarrass your siblings, and the funny part is – you do it on purpose.

All of your siblings can think of is what your next way of making a monkey of them in public.

Putting the embarrassing part on the side, you’re very wise and when your siblings need advice, they know just the right door to knock on.

You are always going to be there to lead them onto the right path.


You’re very traditional, which means you care about family values.

Even when you’re not around, you’ll try so hard to keep in touch with every member of your family.

You want the relationship to be stronger than ever.

Regarding your siblings, you are the sister everyone looks up to.

You’re driven and hardworking and, frankly, there isn’t a better role model out there.

Just keep up the good job; your siblings respect you for that.


You have a very strong bond with your siblings. The reason behind it is that you are not just their family, you are also their friend.

You are the person they can count on every minute of every day. You have never failed them and you never will.

Honesty is your strongest weapon.

Instead of lying to your siblings to make them momentarily feel better, you’ll tell them the truth because you know that it is better in the long haul.


Like Aquarius, you want to be your sibling’s best friend.

You want to have a person in your life you can count on no matter what, and the other way around.

You want someone by your side with whom you’re going to share your secrets and your fears.

You want someone to understand you and is there a better person for the job other than your sibling?

As you want to be treated with compassion, you treat them the same way.

You’re by their side to cheer them up when they are feeling down.

There is no sister out there who is more understanding than you.

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