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They turn us around! Here are the most manipulative signs

There are signs that can turn our heads. Discover the most manipulative signs of the Zodiac.

Convincing others to do what we want can turn out to be a quality or a defect, depending on the context or situation in which we live. Sometimes having this ability can be beneficial, but it all depends on the use to which this kind of gift is put.

The fact is that in the Zodiac there are signs that are more manipulative than others and this is an aspect to be taken into account when relating to the natives of these signs. Curious about the ranking?

Get to know, in descending order, the 6 most manipulative signs of the entire Zodiac.

They turn us around! Here are the most manipulative signs

6th – Pisces

Despite being a dreamy sign and always willing to help others, the natives of the sign of Pisces are also able to manipulate and convince others to do what they want.

Normally, for this, he incarnates the role of victim, ending up blackmailing and playing with the feelings of others. He doesn’t mind taking the place of the martyr or the sufferer to make everyone feel sorry for him. In this way, you will achieve your goals and reach your goals

5th – Scorpio

The natives of the sign of Scorpio are controlling, uncompromising and have a great emotional charge. To achieve their purposes and desires, they resort to jealousy and overprotection that translates into exacerbated persistence. With this, they often end up beating others out of fatigue and, thus, achieving everything they want.

4th – Aries

Aries/Aries natives are capable of being very aggressive and combine this aggression with some manipulation. They are selfish and capricious, so their interests always come first. Given your personality, everyone around you end up giving in to your requests, in order to avoid problems, confusion and other conflicts.

3rd – Capricorn

Introverted, unemotional and practical, the Capricorn may not seem like it, but it can be quite manipulative if you wish. His emotional control over others is enough to make everyone do what the natives of this sign want.

If not, they are capable of being indifferent, distant and cold. The most needy and affectionate signs end up giving in quickly and end up doing what Capricorn wants, in order to avoid this distancing and alienation.

2nd – Gemini

The natives of the sign Gemini/Gemini have a great capacity for persuasion and persuasion. As they are natives with excellent communication skills, they are able to use strong arguments and get others to do what they intend.

The domain and security that they convey in their speech is enough to inspire confidence in the other and, thus, to be able to carry out their plans, without any difficulty and without needing to discuss or order anything.

1st – Cancer

Crab/Cancer natives are very emotional and insecure, hating to be criticized for any reason. Like Pisces, they may tend to take advantage of some situations to assume the role of victims.

They are able to resort to emotional blackmail to make others feel bad and guilty, in order to achieve their goals. This is, without a doubt, the most manipulative sign in the entire Zodiac.

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