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The Most Toxic Person To Avoid According To Your Zodiac Sign

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No matter which zodiac sign a person is, each one is toxic to certain people.

According to astrology, every person has their own weaknesses and virtues.

Those who really love us will also overlook these weaknesses, while some may find it difficult to tolerate them.

It is human nature to have weaknesses, but some can definitely ruin a person’s life.

Even with the greatest desire to be with someone, their weaknesses might be something we cannot overlook.

What’s worse, some weaknesses can become even more pronounced when you come into contact with certain zodiac signs.

In other words, some people are just so toxic to our lives that they will turn them upside down.

So according to astrology, this zodiac sign is the most toxic to you:

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1. Aries

The most toxic person an Aries should avoid is the fish.

While these two zodiac signs can work together, Pisces sabotage Aries in every way.

Aries, on the other hand, is completely destructive to Pisce’s spiritual well-being and happiness.

Aries will get bored of their inexistence and lack of humor, while Pisces will never feel fully understood by them.

These two zodiac signs are just a disappointing combination that may work later on, but not in your youth.

They just fail to make each other happy because they are completely different.

While they can benefit from their differences, some things will never change.

Aries will always be wild, different, and free, while Pisces will always swim in their pond of comfort and familiarity.

Aries likes passion, freedom, and expression, while Pisces like emotions, rules, and generic things.

They’ll just frustrate each other to the point of dislike and won’t make anything useful out of the time they spend together.

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2nd bull

The most toxic person that Taurus should avoid is the Capricorn.

Although they are both earth signs and want similar things, their nature is absolutely different.

Taurus is generous, hedonistic, and observant, while Capricorn is greedy, serious, and strict.

For them, the Taurus is almost like a lost child that they have to take care of.

Capricorns are very strict with themselves and others in order to be successful.

While Taurus is carefree, enjoying life, and still manages to achieve just as much.

So Taurus will never get the romance, attention, and emotional affirmation that they crave in Capricorn.

As a result, the Capricorn will always only take everything from you and not give anything back.

Unless they learn to be as generous as Taurus, they will never match and will always be a toxic couple.

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3. Twins

The toxic person twins should avoid is Libra.

While these two zodiac signs are very similar, Libra is completely toxic to Gemini.

The Gemini zodiac sign is straightforward, honest, and serious, while Libra sometimes has attachment problems.

Once in a very serious relationship, they begin to feel constricted and crave other people’s attention.

It’s almost like Libra panicking that their fun days and youth are over when they’re with someone.

This can help them abandon the twins, who will suffer but never let them return.

Not only are Libra toxic to their happiness, but they also expect a restart after being abandoned.

Geminis will not take back someone who has betrayed them, and the mere thought of it will make them sick.

For them, this means that the Libra not only does not appreciate them but also does not take them seriously.

Libra, on the other hand, will suffer from their decision too, but maybe it is better that they not ruin each other.

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4. Cancer

The most toxic person to cancer is Sagittarius.

This comes as no surprise as Sagittarius has many properties that can injure and unbalance Cancer.

Even if Sagittarius is funny, humorous, and charming, if he’s vicious, he’s going all out.

Cancer likes harmony and positivity, but Sagittarius does not agree with this way of life.

They like to break the silence and harmony and bring fear and negative energy into someone for fun.

They only do this to see other people’s reactions and to spice up boring situations.

Cancer will still suffer a lot because it wants absolute peace and wants to feel good.

Once they don’t feel happy and safe, they’ll want to go to a nicer place.

So a Sagittarius robs them of their whole spirit and positivity.

But even cancer will bother you with its weakness and its uninteresting nature.

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5. Leo

The most toxic person to Leo is certainly the Gemini.

Leos are extremely positive, exciting, and love to be admired, while Gemini, on the other hand, is different.

Gemini does not give Leo enough admiration, knowing that it is bad to feed their ego. Leos want all the best in large quantities, and being with twins makes them feel limited in their potential. This can lead to them accusing the twins of wasting their time because they just aren’t giving enough. Geminis will feel hurt by giving them enough or as much as they deserve. Because of this, Gemini will start to wonder if they are really a mature person. They are both desirable people, but both will feel like they deserve better. Once this type of feeling occurs, it happens that they both try to move on.

After all, life is too short to spend with a toxic person, so sooner or later both of them move on.

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6. Virgo

The most toxic person to Virgo is definitely Aquarius.

Virgos are known to be compassionate, responsible, and smart.

They are never prone to any type of toxicity as it is not appropriate for them, with the exception of Aquarius.

The zodiac sign Aquarius is the only zodiac sign that can turn the calm Virgo into an emotional wreck.

They will be so dependent on Aquarius that it is not even healthy or common for them.

As earth signs, they are known for their maturity, but they will weep and scream for Aquarius’ love and attention.

Aquarius, on the other hand, will distance themselves more than try to approach.

You will play hot and cold with Virgo until they destroy her emotionally.

They do not benefit from each other in any way, and there is no perspective or stability in their interaction.

Together they just can’t work, and they should stop believing that they ever will.

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7. Libra

The most toxic person to Libra, surprisingly, is a different Libra.

This may sound strange at first, but there is a good reason for this statement.

The Libra zodiac sign is all about balance, but they also have some undesirable traits that need to be supported.

In order to achieve absolute equilibrium, they need someone to make up for their deficits.

Someone to help them make up their minds and someone to soothe them.

You are easily consumed by life and all of its possibilities, which leads to arrogance.

Two scales will only reinforce each other’s deficits instead of actually changing for the better.

Someone like Aquarius, Leo, or Sagittarius can really make them better people.

You need to learn from others and nothing will stop them from developing further when you do.

So instead of embracing their own toxicity, find someone who will improve them.

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8. Scorpio

The most toxic person to Scorpio is certainly Aries.

A combination of these two zodiac signs is the most toxic that can occur, and there are several reasons for this.

Both of these zodiac signs have dark desires, unbelievable brutality of directness, and are not to be angry.

When they are together, they act like two archenemies who want to destroy each other.

Not only are they born rivals, but this type of behavior becomes so toxic that their relationship is doomed to fail.

Scorpio, no matter how manipulative, will not be able to believe their eyes on how stubborn the Aries is.

If Aries wants them, he will break down walls and stalk them in their dreams until they are theirs.

Nor will Scorpio understand that its manipulation did not harm it and that it cannot be stopped.

Aries will also confront them for their deeds and reveal the truth about their nature, thereby baring Scorpio and leaving them helpless.

Aries is the only zodiac sign that Scorpio can destroy, but why should they? They both need someone better to make their lives better.

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9. Sagittarius

The most toxic person to Sagittarius is the Capricorn.

These zodiac signs are probably the last person you want to see when you’re angry.

Both are extremely explosive, similar to Aries but different.

Because if Aries gets angry, he’ll soon forget it was him, but Capricorn and Sagittarius will remember what was done to them until the day they die.

They are both vengeful, difficult, and aggressive.

Capricorn, on the other hand, is too boring and bland for Sagittarius anyway.

Nor do they understand Capricorn’s fixation on money and the need to save everything.

Sagittarius wants to experience life and not be a slave to monetary concepts.

Traveling the world and creating as many memories as possible is their lifelong dream, something that Capricorn does not share.

Nothing good can come of this couple and they must stay away from each other.

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10. Capricorn

The most toxic person to Capricorn is Taurus, but so is Scorpio alike.

Why Taurus and Capricorn can’t get along has already been explained, but why Scorpio?

Well, Scorpios are extraordinarily successful and have goals similar to those of Capricorns.

The only thing is that Scorpio can not stand the temperament of Capricorn.

You also can’t stand their sudden mood changes, which lead to arguments.

On one day they are the most fun-loving person you can have around you and on the other, they are depressed and self-despising.

Scorpios do not like people who are prone to this type of behavior, and they immediately lose all attraction to them.

All of this is fatal for the Capricorn zodiac sign, which also needs someone who understands them.

Also, since Capricorns never accept anything that is not their worth, they will find it easy to move on.

Therefore, if you want to live a happy life, you should avoid Taurus and Scorpio.

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11. Aquarius

The most toxic person Aquarius should avoid is Scorpio.

There’s no denying that these two have an incredible connection, but it’s certainly not healthy.

Scorpios is so possessive of Aquarius that they lose their common sense.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is so addicted to them that they can take anything just to be with them.

With all of this toxicity, it’s also important to mention that the Scorpio isn’t the sole villain.

Even if Aquarius apparently loves him, his lust for life and freedom becomes overwhelming.

They talk to other people and seek the attention of others while also fooling Scorpio.

This infuriates Scorpio as it torments them to think that someone else could claim Aquarius.

They are that couple who can try a million times to make things work, but that will never work out.

Aquarius is just too unpredictable and Scorpio too vengeful that they will always hurt one another.

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12. Fish

The most toxic person to fish is certainly the Virgo.

Just like Virgo, Pisces are intellectual people, but many forget that because of their artistic side.

They work just as hard as Virgos, but these two also differ in some ways.

The Virgo will criticize the sensitive Pisces to tears, who are already too self-pitying.

They are the zodiac control freaks who like everything in their own way that Pisces will find crazy because it doesn’t suit their calm way.

The Pisces are very patient and they would never disgrace anyone just because they made a mistake.

To them, Virgos are almost brutal with the way they criticize, boss around, and insult others.

They just want things their own way, and Pisces will be traumatized by it.

Pisces do not want to live in a world of pain just for the sake of order and the ambition of a person.

Virgos will also repeatedly use those who cannot defend themselves, so fish should avoid this toxicity.

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