Zodiac Signs


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As human beings, we are all sensitive creatures. But is it possible that some of us are completely devoid of feelings?

It seems that astrology has the answer. There are, indeed, zodiac signs that are known to be very sensitive, regardless of the circumstances. While this may seem like totally weird and unusual behavior to some, it may be perfectly normal to others. Feelings and emotions have the gift of shattering everything at a given moment. And there are some zodiac signs that enjoy the fact that they don’t put so much in their heart and don’t feel everything so intensely.

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Here are 6 signs devoid of feelings:


Like Capricorn, you have a reputation for being very mysterious. No one really knows what you feel and that’s only because of your ambition. You have many dreams and goals that you want to achieve. That’s why you know that many negative feelings such as anger, sadness, and anxiety can prevent you from achieving these goals. And thus you have trained yourself to block these feelings. Sometimes you can be downright ruthless. You act without thinking about how your actions can affect others.

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The reason why you are considered a person without feelings is your intellect. Your intelligence is what prevents you from having feelings. You have a very sharp mind and it would be crazy to lose it because of sensitivity. You are always so rational and logical about everything that you refuse to let your feelings influence your judgment. You rely a lot on reasoning and you would feel that sentimentality would pull you back.

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Naturally, you are cold. You don’t like to deal with feelings and emotions. You think it would be a waste of time and, most importantly, you think it would be a sign of weakness. That’s why you like to keep what you feel to yourself.

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Considering your zodiac sign, you are a passionate person. And passion is an emotion just like your sadness. But you have a way of closing everything inside you and focusing on what is necessary.

You can block everything and deal with the tasks at hand. That is why you will be so successful in your professional life. You are more of a robot in the way you operate.

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The reason it’s so easy for you to shut yourself up is that you always find external incentives to help you do so. Sometimes you even dive into your hobbies to distract yourself from how they feel. Other times, you may choose a self-destructive path, such as alcohol. Anyway, you know how to distract yourself from getting sensitive.

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You have a dual personality.

You probably know this about yourself. One of the most important aspects of your character is that you can be very flexible. You are able to be completely someone else when the situation calls for it. You are easily adaptable. Whenever your emotional side starts to come out, the other side is careful to take the reins and block the feelings. Then, you become an impenetrable stone wall that hides a vacuum of emotional emptiness.

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