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Top 3 Zodiac Signs That Don’t Know How to Flirt

You might not know that there is a person for you too, but there is definitely someone for everyone even if you are not good at conquering!

Even if you don’t know how to flirt and are clumsy when it comes to winning someone over, sometime your techniques might work!

Here are the 3 signs that are not good at flirting at all:


Scorpio gets involved too much and too quickly, so everything ends up becoming strange and confusing. He wants to know as much as possible about you, but that doesn’t always happen the way he wants. When this native flirts, he always tends to have the same reaction: a confused look. Until he finds that person who is as intense as he is and answers his questions, he will be out of luck.


Capricorn hates flirting and sees no reason to do it. He believes that if two people plan, there is no reason to resort to such games, but it is not valid for everyone. He might try to flirt, but once he realizes he’s out of his element and getting nowhere, he’ll ditch you before you can say anything about him.

When it comes to people flirting with him, he usually rolls his eyes and tells her she’s wasting her time.


The way this native flirts may be interesting to some, but if he really tries to get close to that person, it won’t work out. He behaves quite strangely and would like to see results immediately, but at least he has the talent to make the conversations special. He should know that there are more ways to flirt, he just needs to care.

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