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This Zodiac Sign Fits The “Mystic” Feminine Archetype

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We all embody extraordinary traits and we all have an archetype that represents ourselves, our strengths, and even our divine purpose. These “archetypes” are known as Feminine Archetypes, universal patterns that represent who we are at our core. These archetypes can transcend gender boundaries since we all have a masculine and a feminine side.

The Mystic Archetype represents the intuitive and spiritual parts of us. It’s the parts of us that are fascinated by Tarot and Oracle cards, psychics, and the Universe. There is one zodiac sign that fits this archetype the best:

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As a water sign, Pisces is incredibly sensitive–they are in tune with their emotions as well as the emotions of others. They are ruled by the planet Neptune, which governs dreams, imagination, illusion, and escapism. Some say Pisces are “delusional” but really, they have more spiritual knowledge than most people and are incredibly connected to the unseen–which is a very powerful ability to have.

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