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This Zodiac Is In For The Most Epic 2024 (Guess Who It Is)

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You lucky duck, you, Scorpio. Are you in store for the most epic 2024 as a result of your even more epic conniving and strategic ways? Perhaps. But to the winner the spoils, as the saying goes. And the spoils are coming in every aspect of your life…

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This is the year you prove once and for all that love can still be exciting even years into a relationship. The second you start to feel like you’ve learned everything about your current or soon-to-be partner, you’ll realize just how impossible it is to ever penetrate the inner sanctum of someone else’s thoughts and feelings. It’s not a bad thing, it just means there will always be something to learn, uncover, or connect to. The person you’re closest to can also be the one who surprises you most.


You will spend this year making all the memories your heart desires with the ones you love. For once everyone’s schedules will line up for the movie nights and vacations you’ve been dreaming of. The non-stop laughter will calm the worries you’ve been harboring about getting older and everyone growing apart. This year will show you that you don’t need to constantly try to relive the past when the best is yet to come. There is so much to enjoy in the moment and nothing will be lacking.

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I know your drive to succeed has had you planning your career since your school days, Scorpio, but this year will bring you success from an industry or skill set you never considered before. When Dyson introduced its vacuums to the world, no one thought they’d be buying hair care products from them in a few years, but you have the same foresight and wherewithal to make a name for yourself in more ways than one. This year is all about zooming out to the big picture ideas that will take you to the top and letting the finer details work themselves out in the process.


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The economy is an unpredictable beast, but good thing you’ve saved for a rainy day. And a sick day. And emergencies. And retirement. Needless to say you can afford that avocado toast people have given such a bad rap to, and those creature comforts that make you feel settled as an adult. A cloud-like duvet, new sunglasses, art to hang on the walls? It’s not going to break the bank, but it will help you break up the tedium and frustration that comes with your typical grind. Money is a vehicle to make your life your own this year, and you’ve learned the difference between frivolity and your true desires.

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