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You might know your love language, how you are in a relationship, and maybe the way you attach (or detach) yourself to your person, but what about your love style?

There are 6 styles of love – Agape, Eros, Ludus, Mania, Pragma, or Storge.

Every person (and every zodiac sign!) has a different style that matches the way they love.

For example, as a Virgo, I know I fit Agape, Eros, and Mania. My ex-boyfriend (a Cancer) fits Mania and Ludus. Every person has more than one style, but there’s always one that we identify with the most.


If you express unconditional love for your partner and are more than willing to put your partner’s needs before your own, you identify with the Agape style. You are a selfless lover. You’re giving and caring and you’re willing to do that as long as you get that care and appreciation in return.

As a Virgo, you tend to put your partner’s needs before your own and you’ll do whatever it takes to do that because you’re such a perfectionist. As a Libra, though you have doubts that you might be doing too much or not enough when you finally find that balance, you love hard and you show your romantic side well.


When we first get into a relationship, we usually find ourselves in the “honeymoon” stage where things are intense and we are completely head over heels. If you feel like your nature is to be very passionate in love and you’re aggressively anticipating the next step in the relationship (emotional or physical) you might be the Eros type.

Hey, Aries. Love at first sight? Yep. That’s your thing. You are passionate and expressive and the flame of love never goes out. Your love might seem too intense for some people but hey, that’s you.


To those who fit this style, love is a game and they intend on winning it. These people favor physical attraction more so than compatibility and commitment. Casual hookups and friends with benefits are their things. They tend to be pretty emotionally distant. Emotions? I don’t know her.

If you’re a Sagittarius, you know that casual hookups are ideal for you because each new person is a new adventure – a new game, almost. If you’re a Scorpio, though you aren’t necessarily malicious, you still enjoy revenge and there are things you never forget. Maybe that’s why relationships aren’t necessarily your strong suit.


“Obsessive” isn’t the right term, but it’s kinda like that. These people are emotionally dependent and constantly need reassurance and with that, they tend to get jealous very easily. They just want to feel secure in their relationships and that’s completely understandable.

As a Cancer, you like affection – giving and receiving – because it feels reassuring. Your romantic side comes out when you show people how badly you need them. As a Pisces, you tend to be pretty sensitive, and so you feel the highs and the lows of a relationship pretty intensely and the word “obsessive” fits you well. As a Taurus, you crave reassurance; you just want to love and be loved and feel some sort of comfort with someone.


Practicality and logic are your two best friends. You tend to use reason to make decisions and you use reason to see the compatibility in a person. I’m not saying that you’re emotionless, but your relationships are more dependent on the practical side of things rather than the romantic side.

If you’re a Gemini, you tend to lead with your head more so than with your heart. You think of your relationships as something practical, and if it’s not, you wonder how you can make it that way. If you’re a Capricorn, you know that sometimes it takes time for you to open up and show love, but once you do, you’re all in.


The most important things in a relationship are trust, intimacy, and union. The people who fit this style like closeness and they like being committed to someone. Friendships in relationships are ideal and if possible, they like to be friends with their partner first.

As a Leo, you’re very loyal and you have a big heart (whether or not you show it…) and that’s why friendship before or in a relationship is so important to you. As a wise Aquarius, it is in your nature to want a lifestyle that challenges you. You know that a partnership is a perfect thing.

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