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This Is Why Your Partner Will Never Make You Happy, Based On Your Zodiac

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ARIES: Life with them is too predictable. 

Life has become gray since you made space for them. Your days are soaked in monotony. You’ve lost interest because your partnership has become predictable (and so has your sex life). Sometimes, you fantasize about someone who likes it a little more rough—a little more adventurous. You wish your partner was like that about other things too—that they’d make an attempt to try new things. Because they’re never open for spontaneity, you keep missing out on new experiences. You keep waiting on them to put effort into anything, mainly your relationship. You wish they’d send you a flirty text in the middle of the day. You wish they’d take you out—show any kind of interest. You wish they were more independent—that they had their own aspirations, passions, friends, and pursuits. They give you love, but they’ll never grant you the excitement and freedom you require to be happy.

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TAURUS: Your romance styles don’t align.

Entering the relationship was a mistake from the beginning. You went after them for the challenge, but any delusions of a connection faded soon after you conquered them. It felt like falling in love back then because you became fixated on something that felt out of your reach. It was the allure of what you couldn’t yet have. The truth is that they don’t fit your specific idea of what a lover should be: the right combination of sensitive and strong. You need someone who grounds you, but who also makes your heart race. There’s no passion between you two. They don’t make you feel needed or wanted. You daydream about a certain look here and there, a caress, slow touching, and having all your senses tantalized. If you’d only stop being so afraid of change, you’d see there’s someone else out there who’d never make you feel like an afterthought. Love can be both the stable and immersive experience you crave.

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GEMINI: They make you feel like you’re limiting yourself. 

Gemini, you feel like you’ve lost your glow. Your partner makes you feel like you’re limiting yourself. They’re keeping your curiosity hostage. You can’t pinpoint when, but somewhere along the way you sacrificed what’s most important to you for their rigidity. Communication is paramount to you in a relationship, but you don’t feel like you can express yourself freely around them out of fear of judgment. They rarely make the effort to engage your ideas. You don’t have a sounding board in your significant other. Deep down, you know that they’re never going to make you feel understood. The thing is, you can’t comprehend them, either—the way they don’t seem inquisitive about the world, how they’re content sticking with their routine, the fact that there are no books in their apartment. They don’t have the depth or hunger for exhilaration required to keep you around for a lifetime.

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CANCER: You’re never going to feel safe with them. 

Cancer, you’re ruled by the Moon, which influences our emotions and subconscious workings. Your intuition never fails you. Somewhere deep down you know that you will never be able to form a deep and meaningful connection with your lover. They don’t make you feel comfortable being vulnerable with them. You need someone who is in touch with their feelings and can emotionally express themselves well. When you try to make yourself heard, they don’t react appropriately or compassionately—this person who is supposed to be your partner has made you regret it every time. They’ve made you feel like too much for simply asking to have your basic emotional needs met. You dream of thoughtful displays of affection and reassurance, but you’d settle just for feeling cared for. Your energy will never feel protected around them. You deserve someone who is warm and willing to do what it takes to be your safe space.

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LEO: You will never be their priority. 

People mistake your desire to feel appreciated as needing to have your ego stroked. You don’t need to be praised, you just long to feel desired and adored. That’s not too much to ask for, Leo. You’re unhappy in your relationship because your partner stopped paying attention to you a long time ago. They don’t celebrate you or your accomplishments, and they fail to recognize how incredibly unique you are. It’s been a long time since they’ve taken you out, made any thoughtful gesture, or made you feel special. As a result, you’ve been reduced to fighting and pettiness. All you want is a reliable, compassionate partner who makes you feel supported. You haven’t yet been able to fully admit it to yourself, but their neglect has pushed you to fall out of love. You’re exceptionally generous when it comes to pleasing them and making them happy. Those efforts and that energy will never be reciprocated. You deserve to be the entire sun in someone’s life.

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VIRGO: You’re not in an equal partnership. 

Everyone close to you sees you as their pillar of strength. You have a nurturing instinct that drives you to always be there for those around you. It’s in your blood to “save” others. Your significant other has selfishly exploited your giving nature. For a long time you’ve been lying to yourself that your partner is different, constantly making up excuses for them. You’ve placed excessive trust in them—trust that has been undeserving. You’re the one who puts all the effort into the relationship. You do all the emotional heavy-lifting—the communicating, compromising, and sacrificing. You make all the plans. You contribute most of the finances. You provide them with all the thoughtful gestures, and you get nothing in return. You pick up their slack at home. You’ve even gone out of your way to make their lives easier. They’re never going to be the self-sufficient better half that you need. You need someone you can rely on to give you emotional and financial security—your lover isn’t it.

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LIBRA: You’ll never be able to be your true self around them. 

Libra, you’ve let your individuality slip inside a codependent situation. Somewhere along the way, you prioritized being part of a “we” and sacrificed parts of yourself. You molded yourself into shapes you can’t recognize in order to please your significant other. Often, you bite your tongue to keep the peace. Your partner makes you feel like you’re too sensitive or asking for much when you do stand up for yourself. You’re trapped with someone who constantly takes advantage of your love and kindness. It’s all about them—their wants, their needs, their interests, their goals. They make all the decisions in the relationship, without taking your desires into consideration. You stick around because you value the nuances of partnership, but you’re doing all of the giving and none of the taking. This is a person who allows you to drown in your own self-doubt, instead of lifting you up and reminding you of your power. You can’t see your true beauty when you’re around them.

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SCORPIO: You will never be emotionally fulfilled by them. 

Scorpio, you’re an old soul. You could, in fact, spend hours talking about all your recalled past lives. You’re a sign who is naturally in tune with the psychic, emotional realm. Although you’re skilled at showing people only what you want them to see, what you crave most is real intimacy. It’s just that you need to truly feel safe in order to let someone fully know you. In love, you want nothing more than to dive into the deep waters of each other’s subconscious. Deep down, you know you could never do that with your partner. The intensity you crave is missing from your relationship. They could never match your emotional energy or depth enough to make you feel safe. This isn’t a person you’re ever going to be comfortable sharing your innermost desires and darkest secrets with. They’re not someone capable of the profoundness that you are. You feel unsatisfied and lonely because you’re not actually in love—you’re just going through the motions.

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 SAGITTARIUS: They can’t respect your needs outside of the relationship.

Sag, you’re an ever-evolving and expansive sign. You have an endless lust for life and a boundless thirst for new experiences. You’ve been feeling confined for two reasons—your partner doesn’t trust you and they don’t respect your needs. You made a lot of changes and compromises when you committed yourself to them. You didn’t enter the relationship lightly, and you never tell someone you care about them when you don’t mean it. You’ve been flexible and adaptable to their needs, constantly doing all the bending to keep them comfortable and happy. They constantly fail to respect your values and desires. You need to be allowed a certain amount of space and independence, and your significant other don’t have enough faith in you to provide it. It makes you feel like you’re not being heard or understood. You have pursuits outside of what you share with your lover and they don’t take those seriously. They don’t want to allow you to shine. In fact, they often resent you for it.

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CAPRICORN: You won’t get the commitment you need from them. 

You’re governed by strict Saturn, so you value tradition and textbook romance. You only connect with intention. You have very clear, concise ideas about what you want out of life and love. It’s likely that you know where you’ll be in the next 50 years. Your partner is incapable of providing you the assurance that they want to build something lasting. They don’t place any real or big effort into the relationship. They’re more driven when it comes to other pursuits, but constantly leave you on the back burner. You’re never going to feel valued by them. The reason you haven’t been able to connect with them on a deeper, more meaningful level is because you know that they ultimately can’t be trusted. You need someone you are certain can be there for you unconditionally. This person is never going to give you the emotional security required for you to feel safe.

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AQUARIUS: They will never be the best friend you need. 

You want the independence to live your own life and pursue your own interests, and still come together and have a solid relationship. It’s true that you control what you show other people, but you’re often misunderstood as being aloof and emotionally detached. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ve got a big heart, it just takes someone special to be trusted with it. Your partner isn’t that person. Together you lack what you believe should be the core foundation of love—friendship. This is the reason you can’t seem to emotionally connect on a deeper level. For you, communication is key. You value openness and honesty. Your partner fails to make you feel comfortable enough to talk to them about anything and everything. You deserve to be with someone who provides the space for you to freely and unapologetically be yourself—someone you can get lost with discussing the strange, wonderful, and mystical.

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PISCES: You’re wearing rose-colored glasses. 

You’re the most giving and compassionate sign of the zodiac. You know just what to say and do to boost anyone’s ego and lift their spirits. Pisces, you always want to see the best in other people, even when they come wrapped in caution red tape. Your rose-colored glasses don’t allow you to notice your partner’s glaring scarlet flags. Since you were a little kid, you’ve been daydreaming about your ideal love.

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You’re a hopeless romantic who wants the whole fairytale. For this reason, you’ve been trying so hard to revive something that doesn’t work—something that doesn’t make you happy. You’ve been trying to turn a dark story into a beautiful one. The truth is that you’re the only one expending any energy. You’ve been making too many unhealthy sacrifices to keep a connection with someone who lacks sensitivity. They could never make you feel truly understood. You need a soul as kind and caring as you are—someone who will encourage, inspire, and support your dreams. This person will never be perceptive to your emotional needs.

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