Zodiac Signs

This Is Who Will Break Each Zodiac’s Heart

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Leo: The only sign that could beat you at your own game is Leo. You’re both strong, confident, and competitive, and you both hate losing. A Leo will give you a good run for your money and might end up breaking your heart first because they will figure out your game quickly and will end it before it begins.

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Virgo: A Virgo will be as patient and practical as you are, and you will feel like you’ve found your perfect match, but a Virgo can exit a relationship mentally before they do it physically, which is something you as a Taurus can’t do. So you may feel like everything is going well until you realize that your fellow Earth sign is slowly drifting away.

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Aquarius: If you think you’re indecisive and you move on quickly, think again, because an Aquarius does it better and quicker. They can change their mind overnight and ghost you, giving you a bitter taste of your own medicine. You’re both unpredictable but an Aquarius tends to act before they think and without warning.

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Pisces: As you’re both emotional, romantic, and sentimental, you will find your better half in a Pisces. But the problem is a Pisces is known to disappear when they want to evaluate the relationship or take it to the next level, which is something you don’t know how to handle because you address everything immediately and you hate distance and silence. Communication is everything to you, which is not something a Pisces does very well when they’re confused.

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Aries: You’re both likely to break each other’s hearts because you’re two sides of the same coin—it depends on which phase in your life you’re in. If you’re not in the best state of mind or if you don’t feel powerful, an Aries can come to sweep you off your feet and then leave you hanging.

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Scorpio: You don’t get attached easily and it’s not easy to charm you, but you won’t be able to resist a Scorpio if they decide to pine after you. They will say and do all the right things and you will fall for them quickly, but a Scorpio doesn’t commit very easily and won’t define the relationship right away so you will always feel like they’re taking advantage of you or leading you on.

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Capricorn: You’re all over the place and you always go with the flow, but a Capricorn will come into your life and make everything fall together. You will enjoy the stability and order the Capricorn will bring but they won’t be able to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle and might walk away before you’re ready.

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Gemini: You’re used to being in control of all your relationships and you’re always the one keeping your partners guessing whether or not you’re into them, but a Gemini won’t give you that chance because they will lure you in with their outgoing and carefree attitude and you will have the best time with them but you will never know where you stand for the very first time in your life.

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Taurus: You are passionate and driven and not easily impressed, and a Taurus is not easily intimidated or impressed either, so you will find yourself very attracted to their confidence and their poise, which is something you secretly need and don’t really find in others. A Taurus will know how to tame your unpredictable and uninhibited nature but they won’t necessarily be able to do it for long because, at the end of the day, they also crave a stable and predictable companion.

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Cancer: You’re very reserved and guarded and you don’t reveal your emotions or feelings easily, but a Cancer won’t give up until you open up to them and show your vulnerability and your softer side. They make others feel safe around them, and you will slowly open up your heart to them, but even at your best, your Cancerain partner won’t feel loved—they want to swim in a sea of emotions and you’re only offering a lake.

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Sagittarius: You’re both free-spirited and you both love your own company. You can both travel solo and stay single forever, so if you ever get attached to a Sagittarius, you’re going to feel like you’ve met your match and it will be a very harmonious relationship. However, two wrongs don’t make a right, and at some point, someone will crave more stability and consistency, which is more likely to be the Sagittarius.

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Libra: You hate pressure and you love your space, which is not something people understand, but a Libra will because they have a busy and active life and they will never be clingy or needy. You will really enjoy their cool approach but you might feel like they’re too cool to the point where they don’t care. You’re used to getting love and attention, even when you’re hiding in your cave, but a Libra will happily leave you hiding until you’re ready to come back out.

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