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This Is Who Pushes You To Be Better, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Libras are an Aries’ saving grace. Though opposites, these balanced scales have their ways of getting through to this hot-headed bunch. Libras are diplomatic, fair, and always know to think before they speak. They teach the fire sign to control their impulses and how to lead from the back. They remind Aries to be more kind, mindful of how they treat others, and to consider other people’s opinion instead of their own.

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Pisces see beauty in the small things. Whether through the simplicity of nature or their own four walls, this water sign can inspire Taurus to do the same. Usually surrounded by work or the expensive fruits of their labor, this earth sign can sometimes get carried away by their material possessions. Pisces are grounded and spiritual, which can push a Taurus to be more of what they thought they could be. They teach the earth sign to be less materialistic and make room for more of the important things in life.

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Geminis have the brightest minds in the zodiac. They’re social butterflies and are naturally curious about everything. But they lack a lot of structure in their day-to-day. That’s where Capricorn and Taurus come in. Known to be close to the air sign, these two push a Gemini to see the sense in keeping things organized. They teach them to have goals in life and how to achieve them, no matter the obstacles. These two can push the air sign to a path of success.

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Capricorn is a Cancer’s rock. This earth sign is pragmatic, dependable, and the hardest worker of the zodiac. Known to be a great romantic and platonic pair, the earth sign can push Cancer to stay the course of their dreams, no matter the hurdles. They don’t mind being the water sign’s shoulder to lean on. That kind of emotional support can push a Cancer to work harder and have the confidence to do so.

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Known as a bright light, Leos have a sunny personality that can infect anyone standing next to them. But sometimes, it fades. By nature, Leos are realists and can sometimes become too present with their surroundings. Sagittarius is one of the only signs that bring these lions out of their rut. A fellow fire sign who’s as optimistic, if not more, can inspire Leos to snap out of their pessimistic trance. They ultimately motivate the fixed sign with their innate wisdom heavily steeped in positivity.

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On the outside, Virgos look well put together. They’re organized, efficient, and seem like they’re doing okay in life. But inside, they might also be struggling and are stressed out. Though opposites, Pisces is the answer to all of Virgo’s emotional woes. They create a safe space for the earth sign to express how they feel and provide enough of an emotional backbone to push Virgo to process their emotions healthily.

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Libras have difficulty making decisions, as they want to be sure they’re making the right one. Unfortunately, this can lead them to several missed opportunities. That’s where Aries comes in. This fire sign is Libra’s polar opposite, which means decision-making comes more easily to them. Ultimately, they teach Libra how to be the best decision-maker there is. They show them the ropes in standing firm in their values, their individuality, and how to be better at prioritizing in their everyday lives.

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By themselves, Scorpios tend to get stuck in pessimistic thinking. Pisces can bring them out of it and make them understand that it may not be as bad as they believe. One of the many soulmate duos of the zodiac, Pisces pushes a Scorpio to be the best it can be. With the ability to understand their fellow water sign, the fish inspires the scorpion to trust the process more.

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Aries and Leo are the ones that can motivate Sagittarius to be the best they can be. Fulfilling the part of the most supportive besties, these two push them to do more and be more. As natural-born leaders, they can inspire their adventurous buds to chase the life of their dreams. Whether through a career or life aspiration, the support from these two can turn that into a reality for their fellow fire sign.

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When it comes to their careers, Capricorns have it down. Their leisure time, not so much. Work is all this earth sign knows. So, they’re the most likely to feel burnt out constantly. That’s why Virgos are what every Capricorn needs. Though as career-oriented as their fellow earth sign, Virgos know how to balance working hard with a lot of rest and self-care. Known to be very into their health and nutrition, these signs motivate Capricorn to work smarter and can gladly pass on their list of essentials for one of their many self-care routines.

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Known to hold their individuality on a pedestal, Aquarius can have a bad habit of becoming too rebellious. They have strong opinions and have quite a rocky relationship with authority. But that’s where Libra comes in. They’re the sign of togetherness and connection, so they teach Aquarius to have better relationships with the people around them. Ultimately, they remind the sign that in the end, it isn’t always about them.

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As Pisces pushes Virgo to be the best it can be, the earth sign has no problem returning the favor. Known to have a bad habit of having their head in the clouds, Virgos can snap the water sign out of their fantasies and back to reality. They’re able to be that support system the sign craves as well. They validate their emotions and are great listeners, so that’s enough to push Pisces to chase their dreams with confidence and grit.

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