Zodiac Signs

This Is What Your “Roman Empire” Is, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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How often do you think about the Roman Empire?


The end of The SopranosYou just want to know what the hell happened!

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Marie Antoinette and hedonism. Ruled by Venus, you’re all about self-indulgence, self-love, and self-care.

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Literally any conspiracy theory. You love deep, intense, intellectual conversations, but especially ones that are about conspiracy theories: Kurt Cobain and Princess Diana were both murdered, the Illuminati is real, and Tupac is still alive.

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Your ex-best friend. You’re a sensitive being who holds on a bit too tightly to things and relationships of the past. You think about that friend-breakup way too often.

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Celebrities. No matter if it’s Taylor Swift or Harry Styles — you’re a superfan of celebrities, with all the sparkle and drama and excitement. It’s inspirational and entertaining.

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That one deeply embarrassing moment from middle school. Maybe you said or did something in middle school that you regret and feel deeply embarrassed by. But it’s years later and you’re still thinking about it.

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The hand flex from Pride and Prejudice. You’re a hopeless romantic and this part makes you crumble every time.

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The Gone Girl monologue. You love sweet, sweet revenge and Amy’s “Cool Girl” monologue lives in your mind rent-free.

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How Meredith Blake was a victim in The Parent Trap. Period.

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Jess’ speech from Gilmore Girls. You wholeheartedly believe there was no good reason for Rory to drop out of Yale.

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Aliens/space/UFOs. Not only are you a free-thinker and an innovator, but you often feel out of place here on Earth. You feel like you kind of relate to the aliens. You’re fascinated by them.

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That one deeply transformative, toxic relationship from the past. You’re a deeply sensitive hopeless romantic so of course, you’re going to be thinking about that one person from that one toxic relationship you had.

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