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This Is What You Need Most In Your Relationship, According To Your Venus Sign


Aries in Venus lives for excitement. Be a part of creating that excitement and they will quickly fall for you. Remember to be bold with your passionate action to keep Aries in Venus entertained long term.


People with Taurus in Venus love physical touch. Any form of tangible sensuality will draw them to you and even make them crave your presence. Cook for them and they’ll definitely make a space in their heart for you.


Those with Gemini in Venus know that they deserve clear and direct communication. It is essential to their mental well-being. Make sure to have interesting conversations that will keep this placement interested in you. They need to have a stimulated mind above all else.


Cancer in Venus creates and craves a safe space full of nurturing. Above anything else, they need the feeling of security. They are most comfortable in a fully committed relationship.


Leos in Venus love attention. Being with them means you need to be willing to give them your constant focus. Show up for them with grand gestures and declarations. This placement also deeply desires your loyalty in return for theirs.


Acts of service is a Virgo in Venus’s love language. Make sure you speak it fluently. They want someone to relieve them of their burdens without having to be asked.


Libra naturally speaks the language of love. This sign is very happy in Venus. They desire playfulness and need someone who will keep up with their constant flirtation.


Those with Scorpio in Venus need a safe space to share their secrets. They’ll want to hear yours in return. For this placement, such an act creates intense intimacy.


Sagittarius in Venus lives for the drama. They can handle a little bit of conflict and even find it fun occasionally. They also crave exploration, so they will need a partner who wants to join them in their travels.


Capricorn in Venus craves a partner who will be reliable. If you want to court a Capricorn in Venus, have a plan. They will fall for your sense of strategy.


Loving Independence, Aquarius in Venus needs space. They are satiated by intelligence. Don’t forget to show your weird side so that they can feel comfortable showing theirs.


Venus in Pieces creates a lover of sweet and tangible romance. Be sure to give them hugs and lots of physical intimacy. They are highly creative souls, so be willing to have fun and create with them.

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