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This Is What You Need In A Long-Term Relationship, According To Astrology

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Juno in the natal chart shows us what we look for in a long-term partner. While Venus reflects the dynamic we want in a relationship, Juno reflects how we desire to deepen a bond in a marriage or a committed relationship. It is an asteroid that teaches us how to bring harmony with our significant others as long as both parties are devoted to each other because the goal is to merge and create a solid bond for decades.

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Aries is thrilled when a partner can keep things much more exciting and at the pace they desire. Their partner needs to understand that Juno values themselves and is willing to put themselves first as long as there is a good compromise between them. A relationship that is passionate and founded on trust and empathy will be appealing to them.

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Finding a partner that can give Juno the security and comfort they desire is a priority. Juno in Taurus is willing to wait for the one that will be able to make their dreams come true patiently. Love is not a competition for them and they are prepared to go with the flow, because once they commit, they are in it for the long term.

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The opportunity to connect with someone on a new level is important for Juno in Gemini. The native with this placement needs to be inspired by their partner and have their inner adventurer awakened. Having a relationship rooted in inspiration and mutual respect can be a good way to keep the connection strong in the long run.

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Meeting someone that feels like home is important to Juno in Cancer. There is a lot of love and care emanating from the native, so they want this affection reciprocated. The Juno in Cancer native will love and protect the people in their lives unconditionally. When entering a committed relationship, a partner that can guarantee loyalty will help them feel grounded.

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Being with someone who can help them to evolve is essential for the Juno in Leo native. They want their partner to be someone inspirational whom they can look up to. Getting out of their comfort zone might be challenging when they are not with someone they respect, so their partner needs to have the confidence and leadership qualities that lets Leo drop their guard and lead the way.

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There is a need to have someone that can keep up with their mind. The native with Juno in Virgo looks for the long term, a selfless partner who is focused and ambitious. A compassionate partner that can help them open up to love themselves unconditionally. Their special someone will help them feel free to be their unique selves.

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Juno in Libra seeks a partner that can rebel but also keep their cool; a partner that can build with them and commit. They want a champion and a diplomat to help them maintain the balance that they fancy. If there is too much chaos, Juno will be turned off. In the long term, they yearn to feel encouraged to pursue their dreams.

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The natives with Juno in Scorpio seek a relationship that will help them to maintain or begin a routine. Their partner needs to show them the monotony of things instead of chaos. Someone that represents harmony and home while demonstrating fondness and devotion to them will make their heart content.

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Having Juno in Sagittarius shows someone that values their freedom. With this placement, they want a partner that will be able to meet their needs and respect their need for space. Having a partner that will transform and change them is also essential. Sagittarius might be compelled to break free and discover new heights with someone who can change their outlook.

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Natives with Juno in Capricorn will be attracted to an industrial partner that is driven, focused, and ambitious. There is no stopping them. They want someone who can keep up with them, face challenges together, and not back down. They want a teammate and a lover who will keep their ambitions burning fervently.

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Juno in Aquarius in the natal chart reflects someone that is a creative and deeply passionate person. They seek a partner who can dig deep through their layers and accept them for who they are. They are drawn to studious people that are not afraid to challenge their ideology and want to contribute to meaningful changes. Someone who matches their humanitarian qualities will pique their interest.

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Juno in Pisces is deeply empathetic and sometimes can be a hopeless romantic. Someone who can encourage their self-expression while also helping them to establish order will allow them to create a meaningful bond. The ability of this placement to love unconditionally is an admirable trait that their partners will learn to value and emulate.

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