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This Is The Worst Way Each Zodiac Could Ever Be Betrayed

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Aries marks the beginning of the zodiac, and this is exactly how those born under this sun sign view themselves—number one. They are strong, proud, and competitive creatures who think extremely highly of themselves. Even on a bad day, Aries is aware of what they bring to the table. Nothing cuts them deeper than being disrespected by having their intelligence insulted. It’s not insults or name-calling that they can’t forgive, but being treated like a fool. Lying to them when you know that they know better, keeping secrets from them, attempting to manipulate them—who TF do you take them for?

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Taurus doesn’t open up often or easily, so it carries weight when they decide to be vulnerable with someone. To betray them with dishonesty is unforgivable and unforgettable. When someone breaks their trust, it can change the entire way they view the person who hurt them—history be damned. Taurus equates lying with being taken for granted—and for them, there is no higher form of disrespect. At best, their guard will go back up. At worst, they will cut you out of their life, but not before looking you in the eye and telling you that they never knew you at all.

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Gemini is easygoing, cool, and free-spirited—but not as much as they’d like you to think. This is a sign who shies away from the emotional realm. They do so because they have a deep fear of vulnerability and intimacy. Gemini is mistaken for being superficial. Truthfully, it just takes someone extremely special to catch their interest and inspire their affection. You have all the luck in the world if a Gemini has opened up on a deeper, more emotional level with you. The worst thing you could do is betray that confidence by spilling their secrets. They appreciate gossip, but never their name in your mouth.

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It’s one thing to cause direct harm to a Cancer, but another to sabotage their relationship with a loved one. Cancer values home, family, and friendships more than any other sign of the zodiac. It’s these special bonds that make a Cancer feel truly fulfilled. There’s nothing that they cherish more—Cancer will go even against their own values to support a friend or relative. This zodiac wants to plant roots—preserving and nurturing connections is crucial to them. There’s nothing a Cancer wouldn’t do for someone they love, and there’s no vengeance too big for someone who tries to get in the way of that.

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Leo may take the first place away from Aries when it comes to being proud. Ruled by the Sun and represented by the Lion, no one feels more regal than Leo. They were born to be a star and to excel at everything. Leo is willing to go to great lengths to avoid ever appearing as second best, even changing their aspirations entirely. This is because they’re so afraid of humiliation. Humiliating them in any way is the biggest betrayal. Publicly discrediting them, challenging their power, lying to them, cheating on them—hit them with any form of indignity— and you better move to a different city.

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Virgo is born with built-in self-protective walls, but there is no heart softer than theirs. When they decide to let someone into their life, it’s a choice not taken lightly. This sign places their whole soul into their relationships, with friends and lovers alike. Letting their guard down with someone and having that vulnerability taken for granted is the highest form of betrayal for Virgo. The realization that they have invested their time, energy, and love into the wrong person is devastating to this sign. The specifics of the treachery don’t matter—lying, cheating, spilling their secrets, manipulation, preying on their insecurities, weaponizing their pain—Virgo will regret ever opening up to you.

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Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and is associated with partnership—they place serious value into their relationships. After harmony, romance is Libra’s biggest priority. They often find the serenity and balance they so fervently seek when they’re coupled up. Once Libra has committed themselves to someone, their lover becomes their whole world. This sign will do anything, even cede their own emotional needs and individuality, in order to make it work with their partner. Meddling in their relationship is forbidden, dangerous territory. They don’t even want to hear your opinions on the matter. To interfere with their love life (even with good intentions) is a betrayal. Libra will shut you out of their lives…indefinitely.

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The biggest betrayal for this sign comes as no surprise. Being betrayed by an unfaithful partner is Scorpio’s biggest nightmare. They’ve stayed up many nights fearing this very thing. They find it rough to let go of that kind of disloyalty and can carry around that baggage for a long time. Scorpio may come for your whole life for cheating on or helping someone cheat on them. You’ll stand around the ashes of what used to be your world and ask the god you may or not believe in what you could have done to have fallen so low. You’ll blame the stars, unaware of the true mastermind of your destruction. Scorpio’s hands will be completely washed of your blood.

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Easygoing Sag doesn’t usually hold grudges, especially against those they care about. This sign is very generous with their heart, and they’re not short on forgiveness. Sagittarius is an optimist who sees the good in people but tries to wield their free will in any way and they’ll never move past it—it’s the ultimate betrayal. They won’t forgive being emotionally manipulated, used, having their hand forced, being controlled, or being given an ultimatum of any kind—especially when it comes to a lover. This sign values their independence above all else because they live for novelty and experiences. Having someone disrespect their sovereignty feels like a violation of who they are at their very core.

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Being taken a fool is the worst thing for illustrious Cap. This sign has a lot of pride and would never forgive you for making them feel exploited, especially using them for resources. Cap works tirelessly to achieve all their goals, to network, and to build their many connections. They’re also very generous with those they care about and happen to be one of the most loving friends of the zodiac. They’ll do anything to help a friend out, but when that friend ends up using them for their resources, only to wind up showing their true colors, then hell hath no fury like a Cap scorned. It’s the ultimate way to break their trust—something Capricorn doesn’t give away often or easily.

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Aquarius is a visionary who is constantly looking to evolve and change the world for the better. They’re the humanitarian and friendship sign and deeply pride themselves on their altruism. This zodiac’s symbol is the water bearer—emblematic of truth and pure intentions. Aquarius lives by a strong moral code and often donates their time, efforts, and finances to social and philanthropic causes. This sign doesn’t anger easily, but they will explode on you for questioning their integrity—they’ll also accuse you of being disloyal. Aquarius refuses to explain themselves to anybody. Doubting their character makes you a traitor.

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Pisces has a strong intuition and the warmest, biggest heart. This sign has also been incredibly hurt in the past, possibly too many times for them to bear. As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Pisces feels every emotion deeply. Heartbreak has made them sensitive to paranoia—they’re afraid others are out to get them. Proving them right by spitting on their trust and preying on their insecurities is the deepest betrayal. If Pisces trusted you with their fears and self-doubts and you use those against them, it might be the one unforgivable thing that pushes Pisces to walk out of your life.

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