Zodiac Signs

This Is The Skill You’d Never Expect Each Zodiac To Have

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Aries is really good a color coordination. When it comes to building a wardrobe or renovating a kitchen, they have an eye for what will look good together even before they’ve put them side by side. They may seem like someone who doesn’t care about looks, but everything in their lives is carefully curated.

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Taurus can be really outdoorsy when no one is looking. Their travels have taken them to all kinds of destinations, even ones where there’s no hotel valet or airport lounge included. They’ll camp, hike, even god forbid take a bus if it means getting to explore a new culture or see the wonders of the world.

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Gemini acts like they are too busy to keep anything straight without their planner, but the truth is, they are really really good at remembering everyone’s birthday. They are the kind who makes it to the post office just so you can open a handwritten card from them on the day of.

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Cancer is the dancer you never knew you wanted or needed in your life. They have the energy of a teeny-bopper at a Jonas Brothers concert circa the early 2000s, so if you’re worried about crickets on your wedding dance floor, a Cancer in the party is sure to help you lighten the mood and get things started.

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Leo is an avid reader when no one is looking. It would appear they just don’t have the free time to sit alone in silence long enough to make a dent, but they’re always squeezing in a chapter on the go. Whether it’s a bus, train, or plane, Leo enjoys those moments to themselves where their imagination runs wild.

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Virgo is really good at apologizing, it’s just such a rare occurrence and the NDA involved is so airtight that no on knows about it. The same level of bluntness that Virgo approaches every conversation with comes in handy when they’ve been the one in the wrong. They put it plainly and rip the bandaid off so that the true healing can begin.

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Libra is one of the most generous hosts of the zodiac. They are always feeding everyone, refilling their glasses, and making them feel at home. They can anticipate every guest’s needs, sometimes before they come to the same realization themselves, creating memorable experiences everyone wants to repeat again and again.

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A Scorpio in the shower is a karaoke experience like you’ve never seen before. What they wouldn’t dare do in public they’ll belt out in full force from the privacy of any tiled interior with a drain. If you’re lucky enough to hear it yourself, you’ll wonder why they’re so shy about their own talent.

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Despite all reports to the contrary, Sagittarius can be a homebody when the occasion calls for it. On the right day, with the right person, they can spend the entire day on the couch watching TV or playing video games. They don’t always need crazy levels of stimulation or socialization to entertain themselves.

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Capricorn is a really good gift giver. They have an eye when it comes to shopping for others, and are always able to pick out something people can get excited about. Their attention to detail and other’s interest is what sets them apart and allows them to connect on a deeper level.

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Aquarius has an insane memory. Once they make a recipe once, they’ll have it memorized for life. They can rap full verses of songs where others drop off at the chorus, and have the whole grid of the city down better than any taxi driver. If you ever embarrass yourself in front of one, it’s a story they’ll remember to tease you for for life.

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Pisces is an undercover sports fan. Their reputation as an aloof and distracted intellectual doesn’t seem to jive with rough and rowdy screaming in a stadium, but they’re multifaceted beings. They know player’s names, team history and obscure facts about rules and regulations that can carry any trivia team.

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