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This Is The Most “ugly” Of Your Sign

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We all have something that upsets others, even ourselves, that “tare” that makes us a bit repellent and unpleasant and that doesn’t, doesn’t like anything. And yes, that tare goes close to your Zodiac sign … Believe us. This is the ugliest of your sign:

ARIES (From March 21 to April 20): If something does not work out as you expected, you behave like a spoiled child who makes anyone mad. Yes, Aries, you are like a big baby. You get tantrums that you know are not appropriate for the age you are, and the truth is that this behavior is too unattractive as well as childish. Mature a little, and when things don’t go your way, try to count to 10 before shouting like a crazy person and throwing all kinds of things through the air.

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TAURUS (From April 21 to May 21): You are a very materialistic Taurus, no matter how much you deny it. Ok, nobody seems to ever talk about your more spiritual side, which is also there, but the material is strong, and it weighs a lot. You love money, and great luxuries and your dream would be to have the cash to buy everything you want all the time. And that obsession is often the one that destroys your other side, the most natural. It’s okay to dedicate yourself to what you want and achieve your dreams no matter what happens but please, take some occasional rest from time to time. Not everything is having.

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GEMINI (May 22 to June 21): Recognize Gemini, the fame of the two faces is not so invented. You have them, and although many times you do not do it on purpose you can move from one way of acting to another unless you sing a rooster. Yes Gemini, suddenly you can be someone totally different from who you were a few minutes ago and that scares people. It is not that it is a trait of your terrible personality but it is disturbing. And often, a little ugly.

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CANCER (From June 22 to July 22): Let’s see Cancer, you have a nice feature in your personality because it makes you human but it is also ugly and that is, you are all day with an impressive melancholy. Always remembering things from the past or making films of the future all the time. But what about the present Crab? Where is the present Please react as soon as possible if you don’t want to lose it …

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LEO (July 23 to August 22): You are generous, that is clear to almost everyone but as long as they praise you endlessly and highlight every so often how wonderful you are. Well, looking at it like that, nothing happens, it’s not something so ugly, right? Well, ugliness comes into play here when you feel a little happening from you when they don’t give you the attention you desperately want Leo. And your funny and charming personality begins to cloud … And much Leo …

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VIRGO (From August 23 to September 22): Everyone knows your Virgo reviews, and that is, you have the standards so high that for you, everyone (or almost everything) is far below. And yes, although most of the time you use that ironic and sarcastic touch when it comes to messing with someone, you can become very cruel. You are one of those who think that it is rather a reality, perhaps because you do not stop to listen to what you let go through your mouth. And those crazy crazies you have Virgo … Those are truly insufferable many times …

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LIBRA (From September 23 to October 22): In general it is quite easy to get along with Libra. You are a super fair and kind person but the reality is that you can also be super lazy and exceeded in everything you do. If you like to sleep a lot, you will sleep for hours and hours. If you like to eat a lot, you will eat until you burst. And so with everything. A super complicated rhythm to carry. You are definitely that kind of person who goes through a Mac Donald (or similar) at 3 am because you got the gluttony.

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SCORPIO (From October 23 to November 22): Things like Scorpio, you are cold / like ice when you want and that trait of yours, apart from leaving icy and broken hearts for a long time, also makes you seem worse person than you are Hence all your fame. You have everything measured, super calculated and no, you don’t give stitch without thread, which makes your character have that connotation of “ugly” many times. Also, that when you start spitting words out of your mouth that you know they hurt you don’t have a single objection in saying them.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 21): The ugliest of your sign is that you are totally arrogant Sagittarius, Things as they are. Your confidence can turn you into someone cocky, narcissistic and also too self-centered. Recognize it Sagi, sometimes you have it too high and yes, although your jokes are good and make a lot of laughs is also not good that you believe it so much. You are the life of the party but when you put yourself in that plan, everyone runs away.

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CAPRICORN (From December 22 to January 20): You always think you’re right Capri, absolutely right. And yes, you are untouchable … Anyway, it is true that many times you are absolutely right in almost everything you say, in almost everything you do but it is that you believe that everyone is below you. That you are the top of the tops and that contempt can sometimes seem a bit ugly. Ok, nobody says you’re not right but relax a bit …

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AQUARIUS (From January 21 to February 19): The “ugliest” of your sign but also the most original is that you are rare Aquarius. Yes, some may love that trait of yours but there are other people who believe me, they will hate it to death. Sometimes, it seems that you are like off, without wanting to do anything, and it is just that you are in your world. But of course, on the outside it seems something else Aquarius, on the outside, it may seem that you are a bitter super boring antisocial. In the case of antisocial, they may be right …

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PISCES (February 20 to March 20): Pisces, you live in a world that does not exist. Someone had to tell you. It’s fine if you want to stay there, okay, but keep in mind that it’s not reality, ok? You forget things, the plans you make; You are one of those who cancel an hour before the appointment because you have something better to do, and you disappear very often to send indirect people to non-pleasant people in your life. A Pisces chaos, chaos in which you are the only protagonist. Wouldn’t it be better to speak things than to take them for granted? Land Pisces.

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