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This Is How You Attract People, Based On Your Birth Order

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As a firstborn, your natural leadership skills are a significant part of your charm. You exude confidence and know how to take charge, which can be highly attractive to those around you. You might have been known as the ‘mature one’ – this sense of responsibility instilled in you in childhood makes you seem reliable, causing others to look to you for support and guidance. People are drawn to your protectiveness and confident leadership. However, if you’re looking to form deeper connections with those around you, remember to balance this with moments of vulnerability.

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Middle Children

If you’re a middle child, you often attract people through your exceptional social skills and ability to mediate. Being sandwiched between siblings has given you a unique perspective and has probably made you peacemaker of many different family arguments. You have the important ability to understand and support many different perspectives at once; this makes people feel heard when they’re around you, which in turn makes you incredibly likable. Your greatest strength lies in your empathy and your knack for making everyone feel included; this makes you a likable person. Embrace these qualities – they serve your magnetism – but know that real life involves boundaries that will protect your own health, too.

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Youngest Children

If you’re the youngest child, your sense of fun and adventure is what draws people to you. Your role in the family may have allowed you more freedom than your siblings, and this is reflected in your often easygoing nature. People are attracted to your sense of humor and your ability to not take life too seriously. They may find themselves easily able to let down their guard around you or just enjoy the opportunity to take on a new, spontaneous perspective on life. You have a talent for lightening the mood and can inject joy and spontaneity into any situation – this is a quality that can instantly attract anyone to you. Just know that you should also show those you’re close to what you’re serious about – this will give you even more depth and charm.

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Only Children

As an only child, your independence and creativity are your most attractive traits. You may have been described as ‘mature for your age’, which means that you now carry a lot of wisdom with you and have a rich inner life. People are drawn to your depth of thought and your natural creativity; your ability to find success on your own and your often fiercely independent lifestyle are highly impressive and appealing to others. You may find that others appreciate your personal philosophy, creative interests, and hobbies. You may also value connecting with as many people as possible to gain new insights and perspectives, giving you an adaptable and social nature that pulls people in. It’s always wise to reflect on how you’re opening up to others, though; as an only child, you may be used to keeping your thoughts to yourself. To deepen your relationships, you’ll need to open yourself up to others as much as possible.

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