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This Is How Falling In Love Will Change You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When you find someone who loves you for who you are, flaws and all, it can feel like you’ve stumbled upon a treasure beyond measure. It’s like a butterfly landing softly on your heart and cracking open a whole new world of tender possibility. The truth is, when you’ve found the person you want to give your heart to, you can’t help but see the world through rose-coloured glasses, and suddenly everything feels a little bit sweeter and a little bit more magical. There is a different texture to life, one that inspires you to be the best version of yourself, and to spread joy and kindness wherever you go. It’s truly enchanting.

However, while every single soul evolves once they have started to experience deeper connection, not everyone transforms in the same direction. Below, we’ve outlined the different ways love changes you once you find it, based on your zodiac sign, because nothing is more powerful than devotion!


Aries, you little fireball. You’re known for always being on the go, moving from one exciting idea and prospect to the next gracefully and with an incredible amount of passion. But when it comes to falling in love, and finding your true match, you may just get stopped in your tracks. Despite your social nature and your affinity towards being a busy bee — you’re actually going to love every minute of this sudden change. You’ll learn to relax and take it easy, without sacrificing your passion for life. You’ve always been bursting with energy, and you might be afraid of slowing down for fear of missing out, but when you find that special someone, you’ll connect with a sense of satisfaction in your life that you never thought possible. You’ll learn to make time for the things and people that truly matter, and you’ll see a different version of your unyielding passion rise to the surface. A slow burn can be beautiful, too, Aries!


Taurus, you sweet soul. When it comes to crashing your heart into the person who makes every cell in your body dance, you’re going to be learning a lot about change. When you find your soulmate, you’re finally going to let go of the past and open yourself up to a genuine connection you can trust with your whole being. Let’s be honest — you’ve always been a bit of a possessive and stubborn bull, but when you find that special someone, they’re going to show you how to be more flexible and willing to try new things. Even when it’s uncomfortable, you’ll learn that compromise is a key ingredient in the recipe of love. Your true match is going to help you transform and evolve, and you’ll discover new parts of yourself that you never knew existed. Change isn’t always so bad, Taurus!


Gemini — your curious soul may feel as if it doesn’t have much left to discover in this lifetime, but do we ever have a surprise for you! When you connect with true love, it is going to help you to meet aspects of your personality, and the beautiful world around you, that will crack you open and grow you internally. Real love will help for you to finally come to understand all the different parts of your soul, both the light and the dark, and you will learn how to embrace them and be kinder to them. And the best part? You won’t feel the need to rely on others to define who you are, because your bond and connection with the person who matters most will help you to see your own worth. The truth is, with the right human being by your side, you’ll find a sense of contentment and peace that you never thought was possible for you and your racing mind. That’s the magic of love, Gemini — you have always been worthy of the peace it brings.


Cancer — you sweet crab, you. As an empathetic and incredibly sentimental sign, you’ve come to learn how to protect your heart over the years. Sometimes this has been necessary, as you’re so watery and prone to attracting human beings who don’t appreciate you. But genuine connection, and true love is going to come along and shatter those walls to pieces! For once, after all of the hurt, you’re going to let someone in and allow yourself to be seen, in all that you are. It might be scary at first, but you’ll come to realize that it’s worth the lowered defenses. You’ll finally find that special someone who you can trust with your deepest emotions, and they’ll show you what it feels like to be truly understood. So go ahead, Cancer — let it all in. It’s time.


Leo, our charming lion. You’re known for loving the spotlight, but when you allow yourself to get wrapped up in someone who you genuinely connect deeply with, that is all going to change. When you meet the apple of your eye, you’ll start putting your partner’s happiness before your own without even realizing it. You’ll tap into a selfless side of yourself, and guess what? You’ll open your eyes to your own giving heart. You won’t even mind sharing that spotlight you love so much, because seeing your significant other happy will bring you more joy than any amount of attention ever could. Your soulmate will help for you to see that there is more to life than external validation, and you’ll come to realize that deep down, you’re an extremely altruistic and compassionate person. How sweet is that, Leo?


Precious Virgo! When love comes your way, the anxieties that you have always allowed to get into your head when in relationships are going to dissipate, and you’ll feel more confident and kinder towards yourself than ever before. You won’t worry about what others think of you because the right connection is going to teach you to be content in your own skin. You have so much to offer, but you tend to focus on the aspects of yourself that could “use work” according to your analytical mind. However, when you give your heart away, you’ll learn to accept your flaws and those of others with more patience and understanding. It’ll be a wonderful feeling to finally let go of all that self-criticism and embrace a more tolerant outlook on life. Get ready to fall in love and discover the most beautiful version of yourself, dear Virgo. You deserve it.


Harmonious Libra — you’ve always been a social butterfly and an extremely careful decision-maker. But when love rushes into your life, it is going to teach you the power of your own soul. You’re going to realize that being alone, and fostering solitude, can be just as peaceful as being surrounded by others. No more giving your attention to too many people for you — you’ll learn to be happy in your own company, and you’ll trust yourself more, which will help you to evolve and express your innermost feelings without worrying about what others think. When you meet your one true match, that love and acceptance will teach you to value your own validation over superficial validation, and in a way it will feel like a liberating, deep exhale, Libra. Love will set you free.


Scorpio — when true love arrives in your life, you’re going to transform and evolve into an even more beautiful version of yourself. Most of the time, you’re known for your mysterious aura, but when it comes to how love will impact you, the truth is that you’ll open up like never before. You’ll let yourself be vulnerable and embrace your softer side. You’ll shed that reserved nature and you will allow yourself to be gentle, caring, and full of tenderness. It will feel like the blossoming of a rose after a long, harsh winter. It will feel calm, like you can finally allow your heart to rest after years of trying to protect it. When you’re in love, you’ll know it’s real because you will want to reveal yourself — something that is rare for you. Vulnerability is a superpower, Scorpio. Let love prove that to you.


Sagittarius — brace yourself because true love genuinely shakes up your whole world when you find, and allow, it in your atmosphere. You’re known for your open-mindedness and your wild nature, but when you discover the person who makes your heart dance, you’ll happily trade in your freedom for a deep sense of stability and connection. You’ll start considering the feelings of your partner, and you will learn how to foster more patience with others in your life as a result. As a curious soul, you’re always on the move, but once you find something real, you’ll realize that home is truly where the heart is. Even if you travel the entire world, even if you try to run, nothing will compare to the love you feel with your person. You’ll continue to come back, it will be undeniable. Love is going to bring you closer to what truly matters, after years of escapism, and you’ll be grateful for it, Sag. Just make sure that you allow yourself to embrace it when it arrives. Once you do, it will be beautiful.


Oh Capricorn, you’re a deeply practical person who takes their time when it comes to making decisions, and this is no different when it comes to matters of the heart. However, when you finally take the chance and crash your whole being into someone who inspires and intrigues you, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the rest of your soul opens up. It’s like the minute you feel a genuine connection, the minute you allow for it to bloom in your life, everything around you becomes colorized. You crack open, completely and tenderly. Your skepticism will melt away, and that is one of the ways you will know that you have found the person you can feel good about choosing. The truth is, you fall in love, you fall hard and it’s an incredibly beautiful thing to witness. Sometimes emotional vulnerability can be difficult, and sabotage comes into play, but when it’s real? You soften, and that is something worth fighting for, Cap.


Aquarius, as our cosmic rebel, you’re known for being incredibly calm and having a cool head no matter what, but when it comes to love, you tend to hold back a little too much. Sometimes you can be difficult to read, but don’t worry — when true connection comes knocking on your door, it will help you unleash your emotions and you will learn how to embrace your tender side. When you meet the apple of your eye, you’ll find yourself drawn to your special someone like a magnet and you won’t be able to resist spending time with them and opening your heart to them. You won’t listen to the part of yourself that tells you to be unaffected and cut off from bonding with another human. You’ll discover a new level of happiness in sharing your ideas and thoughts with this person, and they’ll become the confidante who truly gets you. Your soulmate will mirror you in the most beautiful way, Aquarius. Suddenly you’ll come to understand that two really isn’t a crowd — if it’s the right person.


Dearest Pisces, your love for love is genuinely like a magical fairytale — so much of your concept of connection is steeped in a dreamlike wonder, and that is one of the most beautiful aspects of who you are. However, at times reality can be harsh, and you may have been hurt before at the hands of your own hope. The good news is that  finding your soulmate will teach you how to take things slow. You’ll still be vulnerable, and hopeful, but you’ll learn how to build a connection that is deeply rooted and foundational, rather than one that might be rooted in your idealism or your expectations. When that connection is solidified, with the right person by your side, you’ll step out of your comfort zone and experience the joy of new adventures. Together, you’ll create a world of magic and love beyond your wildest dreams. It can be real for you, Pisces. Never forget that.

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