Zodiac Signs

This Is How Each Zodiac Burns Themselves Out In 2023

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Aries: You move way too much and refuse to pause.

Yes, we know you don’t like to sit still. It’s sometimes a charming part of your personality, and it draws people to you. Yet the problem is that no one can keep moving forever. You have to rest eventually, and you refuse out of stubbornness or fear of missing out. You may be a fire sign, but it doesn’t mean you have to burn yourself into the ground.

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Taurus: You are convinced you have to have everything in your life be perfect.

You like your routine and your structure, Taurus. There isn’t anything wrong with that- in fact, it’s healthy for some people. You know what you want out of life, and it’s admirable- but when things aren’t going according to your plan, you can run into some danger. You’re so focused on keeping things on track that you won’t rest until you’re secure again. While working towards what you want is great, nothing will ever go perfectly, and you have to accept it.

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Gemini: You have a fear of missing out.

I know that you don’t like to say “no,” but sometimes you just have to. You’re often invited to do so much because your interests range far and wide. You have friends everywhere, and you are usually made aware of when an event is happening. It makes sense you want to experience it all. Yet you are one person who does need to rest and relax occasionally- I promise there will be more things in the future to do.

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Cancer: You do so much for everyone else and refuse to take care of yourself.

I know that you have loved ones who need you, Cancer. Your nurturing spirit and constant support mean so much to the people around you. Yet you tend to get so caught up in taking care of them that you forget about yourself. You can’t really help others if you are putting some of the energy into yourself. If you keep doing this, you’ll be completely burnt out.

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Leo: You put too much pressure to appear perfect.

You are a go-getter Leo, no one will deny that. You are often found in the center of attention, and you don’t mind it one bit. The downside of having so many eyes on you is that you feel the need to make sure everything about you and your life looks perfect to everyone else. Even if things aren’t going your way, you stress out about the appearances of it all. It can be exhausting after a while, and you don’t have to keep up a charade just to impress everyone else.

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Virgo: You feel you need to fix everyone else.

You like to help others, and it’s a trait that’s often underrated about you, Virgo. Yes, you’re a perfectionist, but you handle that part of yourself well and are incredibly aware of it. What you’re less aware of is your tendency to try and help fix everyone else’s issues. Whether it’s large or small, you feel you have to jump in and set things straight- but no one can do it all, even you. You have to let go and realize that you need to focus on your own stuff sometimes.

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Libra: You allow everyone else’s issues to be your issues.

You want things to be smooth sailing, especially for the people in your life. You know you can’t control what other people say and do, but you also know you would die trying if it meant you could give them so peace. You tend to take on the problems of those around you and function as whatever they need to make things better- but you can’t be all things for all people, Libra.

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Scorpio: You expend so much energy in keeping yourself private.

You love your privacy, and it makes perfect sense. There isn’t anything wrong with not wanting the whole world to know your secrets. However, you often spend so much time working to keep others out that you don’t really take time to nurture yourself the way you should. You get lost in making sure no one knows the real you (unless you want them to), and keeping up a detached, cold demeanor when that’s not who you really are can be exhausting.

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Sagittarius: You feel the need to be happy all the time.

You’re the life of the party and often the person people come to when they need their spirits lifted. It’s a significant role to have in others’ lives, but it puts you in the difficult position of needing to be “on” all the time. You don’t feel like you can be anything but happy and upbeat because that’s what everyone is used to from you. You don’t always have to be smiling, Sagittarius- feel what you need to feel.

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Capricorn: You put too much pressure on yourself.

I know you’re a hard worker, but everyone needs a break. Yes, that includes you. You have this idea that resting or taking some time for yourself means you’re a failure or reflects on you poorly when the opposite is true. For you to do your best work, you need to know when to relax and recharge. You don’t have to keep it all together all the time.

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Aquarius: You feel the world’s problems are on your shoulders.

I know you have a big heart for the world around you, but you need to know that it doesn’t all rest on your shoulders. I know it seems no one cares about this stuff as much as you do, but you can’t take on every big issue yourself. You’ll run yourself ragged and burn out too quickly and won’t be able to help anyone. You need to pick a few things and really lean into them rather than trying to do it all.

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Pisces: You take on everyone else’s emotions and never share what’s hurting you.

You often find yourself as the person everyone comes to when they need to vent. You honestly don’t mind and love to be there for the people you love. The problem is that you empathize so hard that you feel the weight of their emotions and make them your issues, too. You worry so much about them that you never share the things that are hurting you, and you convince yourself your feelings don’t matter as much. Holding all that stuff in will eat you alive, Pisces. You have to talk about yourself, too.

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