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This is How Each Venus Sign Shows They Care About You

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Aries: They pay distinct attention to you

Aries in Venus signs can have difficulty committing to relationships because there is so much going on in the world they don’t want to miss out on. When they truly care, they won’t constantly be turning their attention to what else is out there but will want to get to know you on a more personal level. They will absolutely try to sweep you off your feet and won’t hesitate to do anything to achieve that goal.

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Taurus: They spoil you in every way they know how

Taurus Venus signs understand the value of comfort and sophistication–they don’t believe those things are mutually exclusive. When they care for you, they will go out of their way to treat you with everything at their disposal. If they have the money to spoil you with luxurious items, they will. However, they will also go towards the simple things like cuddling with you in bed, drawing you a relaxing bath, or cooking your favorite meal. Taurus Venus knows how to woo their partners, no doubt about it.

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Gemini: You’re their favorite person to talk to

To be the most sought-after conversationalist for a Gemini Venus is no small thing, trust me. These tend to invest most of their weight into their conversations–whether it’s flirting, exchanging ideas, or getting a bit more personal. Typically Gemini Venus is drawn to many different types of people to keep their brain constantly stimulated with different views, ideas, and concepts–and this will remain true regardless of their relationship status. Yet if you’re the one they want to talk to most or the one they reach out to first when they want to discuss something, you can be confident they are crazy about you.

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Cancer: They ensure you feel comforted and cared for

Cancer Venus signs aren’t ones to flirt and vanish–they are in it for the long haul, if you’ll let them. These signs tend to center emotional wellbeing and stability within their home, which means if you’re their significant other, then they will consistently be checking to ensure you’re feeling safe and loved. If they can sense you’re having a bad day, they will do what they can to cheer you up, whether that’s by making you a home-cooked meal, watching a marathon of your favorite comfort show, or listening to you vent about everything you’ve been holding back. Cancer Venus signs show they care by allowing you to feel taken care of.

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Leo: They show you off to any and everyone

Leo Venus signs believe in the big and extravagant parts of love, and they put them on full display. While Leo signs generally aren’t opposed to being in the spotlight or recognized for their achievements, they want a partner who matches them. Someone can dote and admire them all day, but they also want to date someone they are proud of. If a Leo Venus is showing you off in every way imaginable–out in public, to their closest friends, online–then you know they feel strongly about you. They are confident in your relationship and want the entire world to know.

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Virgo: They take care of your practical needs

Virgo Venus signs can be challenging to read but not impossible. Virgo signs tend to be solutions-focused and believe that love is shown just as much in the small gestures as the large ones. When they care for you, they will go out of their way to take care of the practical things that may seem mundane to most. They will take care of your chores, ensure you have what you need, and try to help you out in the day-to-day. Their thoughtfulness also extends to gifts–they will find a gift that they know is important and holds significance to you. They only hope you can appreciate what they bring to the table.

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Libra: They fight for you

Libra Venus signs are often pegged for wanting things to be fair, but it extends farther than that. Libras are fully aware of the possibilities that exist, and they have a hard time deciding simply because they want to make the best possible choice. In the long run, this can lead to them usually skirting away from typical confrontation or allowing people to disappear from their lives. However, you’ll know if a Libra Venus cares deeply if they fight for you–whether that’s in the context of the relationship or otherwise. If they are determined to hold onto you, then you know you mean the world to them.

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Scorpio: They let their guard down, even a little

It’s not easy to get a Scorpio Venus to trust you, but if you can, it says so much. Scorpio Venus signs tend to draw people to them effortlessly but keep them at a healthy distance because they don’t want to be hurt or disappointed. It takes a while for them to be vulnerable with others, but if they feel safe enough, they will open up. If they care deeply for you, they will allow you to see sides of themselves they don’t show to anyone else.

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Sagittarius: They genuinely want you to be part of their adventures

Sagittarius Venus signs can be hard to pin down in every sense of the word. These signs prioritize freedom and spontaneity, both in life and relationships. Regardless of how in love with are, they will always want at least some space to do their own things and explore the world around them. However, if they care for you, they will opt for you to be a bigger part of those adventures because they actually want you there. They believe they can enjoy those experiences just as much with you than alone, and it’s a pretty big deal.

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Capricorn: They will provide for you as much as they can

Capricorn Venus signs share a similar desire as Cancer Venus signs–to create security and stability. They certainly believe in others working hard and contributing their fair share, but they also want to take care of their loved ones. If they care for you, they will do everything they can to make sure you’re provided for. If you need something, they will jump in and help you out. If you’re struggling, they will try to ease the weight on your shoulders. They want to help create a strong foundation for you to achieve everything you want in life.

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Aquarius: They focus on your friendship more than anything else

Aquarius Venus signs have an approach to relationships that can confuse others at first. To Aquarius Venus signs, friendship takes priority over anything. They want to fall in love with their best friends and believe it’s the best way to approach their connections with others. Flirting and dates can be enjoyable, but you know an Aquarius Venus cares for you if they try to get to know you and become closer on a friendship level.

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Pisces: They will focus on the present as much as the possibility

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Pisces Venus signs tend to have a day-dreamy aspect to them and tend to get lost in their partners and possibilities. They can prefer to stay in the “what if?” rather than focusing on the “what is.” They are romantics at heart and are looking for a relationship that allows them to shower their partner with all the love they have, not someone who holds them back. You know a Pisces Venus cares deeply for you because they won’t always stay in the daydream and pretend reality doesn’t exist; they will instead try to create the best possible reality with you. They won’t automatically detach and run when things get a bit more real, but will engage with you about what’s happening in the moment.

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